Don’t let your windows become a security risk

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Don’t Let Your Windows Become a Security Risk

Windows are normally one of the last things that homeowners look to secure which is why the number of burglaries via unsecured windows is one of the highest types of intrusions in the UK. But they’re often the weaker points on most homes for a number of reasons. To start with, they’re made from glass which offers little protection when brute force is used against them. Secondly, they have relatively weak locks when compared to doors and much less protected than your front door which is why so many homeowners have to Google “locksmith near me” during their lifetime.

But there are many things you can do to make your home safer, and as a responsible homeowner, you’ll want to consider all of the options that we’re about to discuss.

Install Some Window Security Bars

Window security bars are a great way to make your home safer with a strong physical deterrent at a relatively low cost. In fact, just the sight of window security bars is usually enough to deter burglars from even attempting to break into your house. They’re basically metal grids that either get bolted or screwed onto your window frames. There are a few different options, you can try to make and install the bars yourself or opt for a commercially fabricated design that requires a professional to fit them; we recommend the latter.  

Upgrade to Double or Triple Glazing

Most homeowners upgrade their windows simply to improve appearance and aesthetic. But, upgrading your windows to either double or triple glazing brings the added benefit of better home security. Homes with single glazed windows are at the highest risk of being targeted by criminals because they have many points of weakness. With a single pane of glass, windows can be easily compromised and broken. 

Another point of weakness for older windows are the frames. Frames that are made from wood can deteriorate and rot over time if not maintained regularly. This can allow criminals to forcibly open windows without using too much force. Most single glazed windows also have outdated and ineffective locking mechanisms which provide very little protection against forced entry. 

Today, most double/triple glazed windows are well-designed and have built-in technology and security features. You’ll find that the best products on the market will have been certified by the British Standard Institute and adhere to the “Secured by Design” initiative. Windows that have been accredited by both these organisations will have been manufactured to give you peace of mind and provide the utmost protection against criminals. 

Add Security Film to Your Windows

The purpose of security film is to make your window glass stronger and more difficult to penetrate by a burglar. The film is typically made from multiple layers of polyester which can be bonded together to a thickness of your personal liking. Without getting into the fine details, there are a few types of film, and depending on your specific needs, there are multiple options you can choose from. However, one thing to be conscious about is that window security film will not prevent someone from entering your home if they really want to. It is, however, specifically designed to slow a burglar down and make it more difficult to penetrate the glass. 

Install Window Break Sensors

Window break sensors will alert you instantly when someone is attempting to enter your home via a window. Owning such technology is a critical part of being a homeowner whether you live in a busy city or rural village. These sensors consist of a magnet and switch and are attached to the inside of window frames. When a window is opened unexpectedly, the magnet and switch send a signal to a control panel which sets off an alarm. Window break sensors are easy to install but if you want a professional to take care of it, make sure to give us a call.

Invest in a Set of Modern Security Cameras

An additional way of ramping up your home security is by installing a set of modern cameras. If you want to keep a close eye on what’s going on around your property, you should look into buying a set of outdoor security cameras that come with night vision and HD display. But. If you want to monitor the inside of your home, you should look for indoor security cameras too. A convenient feature to consider when browsing for cameras is a 2-way talk system that’ll allow you to chime in from your smartphone.

Install More Lighting Than You Need

Just for a slight moment, think like a burglar, you don’t want to be seen or heard, do you? Another really effective way of deterring burglars is ensuring that your property is well lit up. Install floodlights, pathway lights or anything else you can think of to illuminate your house and garden. By exposing as much light as possible, there’s much less of a chance that a criminal will feel comfortable enough to break into your home.


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