Do your windows pass these security checks?

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Do Your Windows Pass These Security Checks?

Undeniably, windows are a basic element of your home. They let in sunlight and air…unfortunately they also let in opportunistic burglars. Of course, anyone who thinks of a house with the best protection, pictures a fortress-like house without any windows or doors in plain sight, at least. However, this is not a feasible plan to ensure that no outsider gains illegal access to your house. Yet, we have a viable solution for you to live in your typical ‘landscape-inclusive-windows-embedded-house’ while ensuring safety.

Below are listed some of the best window security tips that will make your home impenetrable for a thief.


First and foremost, check all vulnerable areas where windows are located, especially on the ground floor level as these are the burglar’s first target and perfect entry point. They know that you, like most people, are likely to forget or simply overlook securing your windows, which becomes your weak point.

Take care of your windows by ensuring there is no broken wooden frame, glass cracks or corroded metal frame as these are exactly what burglars are looking for.

Then, keep your windows properly locked, even when you are out temporarily. Therefore, choose your locks well. Sash, Pin, Butterfly, Claw Latch, Casement fastener, or hook locks or window restrictors may be useful to you depending on the type of windows of your house, whether they are sliding, double-hung, patio, or casement windows. In any case, having the appropriate locks for your windows is a priority. It is also necessary to upkeep those locks, otherwise, they would be useless in preventing the well-equipped burglars who are forcing an entry. It is very important to store keys into a safe place and avoid the mistake of not locking a particular window due to the fact that you have lost the key.

Intruders are on the hunt for homes that offer a quick ‘get in get out’ opportunity. Enhancing window security by installing window security grilles will definitely put off any potential burglar. Short but long window openings such as toilet windows can be secured with window security bars instead. Furthermore, window security shields and screens can be very useful against vandalism as well as burglary attack. A physical security product installed internally alongside a loud alarm system can be a very effective deterrent and make it next to impossible for someone to gain entry. If you are looking to secure your homes in the UK, please get in touch via RSG Security’s web contact forms and our friendly staff will provide helpful advice and information to ensure your homes are secured in the most effective way.

Many at times, it is proven that a barking dog can be as effective as having a 24 hour security guard in your home.

In addition, curtains can be highly beneficial against harmful UV rays, but at night they are certainly just as useful since they do not allow harmful people to have a glimpse of your house and of its contents. Robbers, paradoxically much like investors, will only break into a house if he believes he will have a worthy risk reward. So, if you give him a plain view of your plasma TV, the easily portable laptop, or some cash and jewellery lying around, it will unquestionably be a great investment of only a few minutes for him to visit your house.

Never leave your windows open more than six inches, while unattended and use a blocking device that will not be easily removed by an intruder to ensure the window cannot be opened further. Wooden bowels and sticks can block horizontal sliding windows which are constantly open for ventilation. “Window stops” are a must for all windows in your house, unless you have collapsible or retractable grilles fitted internally, which can be closed and locked in place while having your windows opened.

Remember to put all garden tools away after use and avoid leaving around materials such as bricks, or a ladder in the yard which a law-breaker can use  to attack your windows.

Lastly, use nature as a second line of defence. Protect the area around your windows by planting thorny bushes in front of them, and avoid offering the robbers hiding places, like tall shrubs.

In order not to stress  British citizens with the burglary figures of last year, vandalism alone accounts for 21% of all crimes in the United Kingdom. You would not want to be among those distressing figures. By taking the necessary precautionary measures, you ensure your house and your family a dependable window security.


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