Digital door locks: the future of home security

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Digital Door Locks: The Future of Home Security

Many of us unlock our car doors with a remote control and many of us enjoy similar benefits from our garage doors. With so much new technology it seems bizarre that very few of us utilise this within our home security systems. Yale Digital has figured out how to incorporate new technology into their locking mechanisms without compromising security with digital keyless locks.


No Keys

It means that you don’t need to carry your key with you and it prevents you from having to fumble around in your bag or pocket to find them. Lost keys will be a problem of the past and, with a digital keypad entry system you will be able to provide family members and others with the code to let them in.

Simple To Update

Yale’s digital door locks  are especially convenient for the elderly or those with cleaners and or child minders. For those that have regular home help and require entry to your property, a keypad entry system means that you don’t need to duplicate your set of keys. If your situation changes i.e. you decide to change cleaners or are worried that somebody else may have your security number, you can change it. It’s as simple as that.

Standards Tested

A keyless door lock also includes a mechanically operated key and lock so if you forget your number or there is a problem with the system, you can use your key to get in. Yale’s keyless door lock that has been tested to Police Standards which mean it will be approved by your insurance company. The lock includes a tamper proof alarm which will sound if anybody attempts to force entry using the locking system.

The keyless door lock is a modern and beneficial means of securing your property. The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons which means no trace of your secret pin code.


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