Adding cctv to your home security setup

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Adding CCTV To Your Home Security Setup

There is no doubt that CCTV is the most effective form of crime prevention, and more and more people are having systems installed to protect their family and property.

It stands to sense, really, doesn’t it? If you were a burglar would you choose to try to enter a house that had CCTV fitted or one that did not?. – It’s a no-brainer.

You might say, but I have a burglar alarm fitted, and that is surely just as good a deterrent. At one time that may well have been the case, but have you noticed these days that no-one seems to take notice when they are activated?

With CCTV, of course, you have the additional comfort in knowing that even if someone was daft enough to break in, you would have the footage necessary to identify them and bring them to justice.

How much does CCTV Cost?

If you are concerned about cost, then there is no need to be. Especially if you are sufficiently confident enough in your DIY skills to do the installation yourself. In fact, there is little to it, really.

Can I Set Up CCTV Myself?

There are now various digital kits available on the market which make it significantly easier, because everything you require is provided in one pack. While it has been known for professional installers to use them, they have been specifically designed for those people, like you, who have a more limited knowledge of the technology involved.

What is more – and this may be particularly appealing – the kits are considerably cheaper than if you went out and bought the parts separately.

Should I Use a Professional CCTV Company?

It may be that you would prefer to go along with the extra cost and leave it to a professional, and that is understandable. Companies like can advise you on home CCTV installation.

On the other hand, of course, there are pros and cons attached to the various CCTV systems available, with regard not only to cost, but also quality, installation and maintenance, and you do need to delve very thoroughly into these matters before making any decision.

All you need do in that case is go on-line where you will find thousands of recommended security specialists across the UK. You can even call up a list of those in your area.

Just key in the type of job you require and you can not only post your job for free you can get several quotes and also be provided with the opportunity to review ratings in order to be able to select the most suitable tradesman for you.

Whichever route you take, just remember that houses fitted with CCTV are 90 per cent less likely to be burgled than those which are not.


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