6 top security tips for your home

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6 Top Security Tips for Your Home

No one wants to think that their home could get broken into. But unfortunately, there are burglars everywhere – many of whom are opportunistic and will be happy to break in given half a chance.

It doesn’t make sense to take risks. Fortunately, there are several simple and affordable steps you can take to secure your home so would-be burglars will be more likely to try their luck elsewhere.

Get New Locks Fitted

Locking your doors and windows is not enough – get high-quality locks that secure your home properly.

It’s always worth updating your locks if they are not the most secure. Modern locks are very secure, and they can make breaking into your home very difficult.

If you have old locks that could do with an update you want to contact a specialist. So whether you’re looking for a locksmith in Newcastle, Nottingham or Newcastle you’ll simply need to reach out and contact them to have them professionally fit a new set of locks.

Install an Alarm System

As well as hiring a locksmith to fix new locks, it’s also a good idea to install an alarm system to protect your home. Thieves will be much happier to break into the home without an alarm system.

Once you install it, get into the habit of setting it every time you go out so it becomes second nature. You should also put up a sign that makes it clear you have an alarm.

Don’t Let Everyone Know You’re Away

One of the best times for thieves to target your home is when you are away, so don’t make it obvious that no one is home.

Get a smart light that turns on and off on a timer. Some lights will turn on all night, and some can turn on and off to make it look like someone is home.

If you go away for a few weeks, cancel your milk delivery and get a trusted neighbour to pick up your post so it doesn’t pile up. 

Don’t Attract Opportunists

Many thieves are opportunists. They will see a property that stands out to them and target it, so reduce the chances of this happening to you.

Keep your valuables hidden and out of sight. If a passing thief peeps in through your window and sees your valuables, they may be more tempted to break in. Consider locking cash and jewellery in a safe.

Don’t leave your shed open in the back garden, and don’t leave tools hanging around. Thieves can make use of them to break into your home.

And always shut your windows and lock them. There’s nothing quite as inviting to a thief as an open window.

Install a Security Camera

Thieves hate security cameras, so set one up in your home. You can even get fake cameras that can make a thief think twice before breaking in.

These days, you can get modern systems that are connected to the internet so you can view your cameras from your mobile phone anywhere you go and even get an alert when motion is detected.

Get a Security Light

A simple night security light is a great way to put off potential thieves. Set up a motion detector light at the front and back of your home, and when someone gets close, the light will turn on.

It’s a simple way to deter would-be thieves, and it’s very affordable and easy to set up.

Protect Your Home

If the thought of your home being burgled keeps you up at night, make sure you take these simple steps to keep it safe. There’s no need to be paranoid, but it’s always sensible to take precautions.

Hiring a professional couldn’t be easier no matter where you. Whether it’s a local locksmith in Alnwick or a regional one in London. They will be able to install safe locks on your home, beef up your security, and put these tips into practice. You’ll make your home a lot safer, and burglars will think twice before they try to break in.


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