5 reasons your home needs a burglar alarm

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5 Reasons Your Home Needs A Burglar Alarm

If you are considering your properties security, it’s wise to think of burglar alarms and get in touch with a local security system installer in your area such as Lookout Fire & Security Solutions.  Although the last eight months or so has seen people locked in at home, people are now starting to venture out more and go about their daily lives, returning to the office and everyday activities. Whilst this is fantastic news for most people, it does give potential burglars and thefts an attractive proposition to try their luck. In this blog post, we will be outlining the 5 main reasons that your home needs burglar alarm installation today. We will also end the post with our number one burglar alarm recommendation.

They Protect Your Possessions

Most homes consist of valuable and sentimental possessions such as jewellery, electronics and more. There are possibly thousands of pounds worth of goods in your home that potential burglars are potentially envisioning. Although having a burglar alarm installed doesn’t guarantee protection, it makes protection a whole lot more likely. The first thing that thieves are likely to do is to spot if there is a burglar alarm located on your property. More time than not, simply the presence of an alarm is enough to scare them away.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Did you know that simply having  up-to-date burglar alarms installed at your property is proven to significantly lower your insurance premiums? This is because insurance companies know full well that a well-protected and secure property is much less likely to be burgled compared with a property that has no burglar alarm, or any other security system installed, for that matter. Moreover, insurance premiums will be therefore lower as it poses much less of a risk to these insurance companies.

Create A Safer & Secure Home Environment

If a burglary has already taken place, it can be an extremely upsetting time for all those involved. The invasion of privacy into your home can be hard to take or comprehend but if you haven’t already got a burglar alarm installed, this is obviously the next logical step for you to take. Burglar alarms give you that peace of mind that you deserve and will help you feel much more relaxed in your own home knowing that if an attempted burglary happens again, you or your neighbors will be alerted immediately. 

An Alarm Is A Fantastic Deterrent

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to prevent the burglary from happening before it even takes place? Well, although nothing is certain you can significantly increase the chances of burglary happening at your property. Having a burglar alarm installed and clearly on show makes burglars much less likely to see your home as an easy threat. They know that it makes it difficult for them and they are therefore much more likely to try other properties where security systems aren’t present.

Monitored & Fast-Response

Modern and up-to-date burglar alarms equip you for a fast response. This means that your alarm will be directly linked to a monitoring station that will alert the police and local authorities as soon as your alarm is activated. This is highly likely to force the intruders to leave immediately and get a quick, prompt response to resolve the situation.

Burglar Alarms – Our Recommendation

So you know that having an up-to-date burglar alarm installed within your home is beneficial and a fantastic deterrent for preventing burglars from breaking an entry in the first place. 

But what would we recommend? Both wireless and hard-wired burglar alarm systems should be considered…

Wireless Systems – These types of alarms are really easy and simple to install and they are also generally a lot cheaper to install when compared with hard-wired systems. Moreover, wireless systems also offer a much neater appearance.

Hard-Wired Systems – Although these types of alarms are now deemed more traditional, they are still as reliable as ever and provide fantastic protection. For home properties, we would recommend wireless systems as they are portable and therefore ideal for relocating and moving. 


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