10 ways you can make your house safe from burglars

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10 Ways You Can Make Your House Safe from Burglars

Burglary statistics in the UK show an unfortunate reality —  burglaries are actually more common than you think. But with some foresight and immediate action, burglary prevention is possible. In this article, we’ll be sharing 10 ways you can make your home safe from burglars and help you keep your family and your possessions secure.

Use Timers and TVs to Make Burglars Think You Are at Home

Whether we’re talking burglary in London or Glasgow, burglars almost always enter a home when they believe it’s vacant. So how do you make  potential thieves think someone is at home, even when you’re out? By using timers on your lights, you’ll be able to illuminate your home as soon as it turns dark, giving the impression that someone’s  home. An alternative, or additional extra to this is utilising the sound of a TV.This creates the same effect, deterring an opportunistic burglar from taking the chance.

Use Safety Signs

It’s a proven fact that burglaries in London and the rest of the UK are less likely to happen if deterrent signs are displayed, such as surveillance warnings. These can include signs from security companies that implies or confirms you have an alarm system installed or even outdoor cameras. Another option is to place a “Beware of dog” sign to help deter potential burglars. 

Let There Be Light

Darker areas make it easier for a burglar to move around unnoticed. Bright outdoor lights help to deter burglars, but if they do take the chance, they can be easily spotted by neighbours or those passing by. You can also put timers or motion sensors on your outdoor lights to make sure they’re always on right when you need them. 

Lighting near patio doors is especially important as those locks are easily picked. If your locks aren’t secure or are broken, seek advice from an expert, specifically a 24 hour residential locksmith for patio door lock repairs.

Don’t Spread the Word about Your Vacation

There’s nothing better for a burglar than being able to enter a property  when they know the occupants will be away for an extended period of time, so it’s crucial to make sure you don’t advertise your vacation except to your most trusted friends and family. This includes not promoting your holiday on social media, no matter how tempting it is. Burglars, especially a burglar in London may stake out your home and wait until you’re gone if they believe it’ll be worth it. Besides secrecy, you can also employ the other tips and tricks in this article to give the impression that you haven’t left at all. 

Check Your Front Door Locks for Potential Weaknesses Against Burglaries

It’s natural to think that a basic front door lock will keep things safe and last for years. But it’s crucial that you regularly check your front door locks for potential weaknesses against burglaries. If you’re unsure or know you need new locks contact a locksmith for a front door or for advice on a new front door with high-quality secure locks that are harder to break into. 

To check your front door locks you’ll want to see if they are loose, can be opened with a credit card or bobby pin, or a bump key. If they can, You’ll need to contact a locksmith right away to change your locks to a higher quality lock that helps with burglary prevention. 

Note Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

While most homeowners focus on door locks, it’s equally important to check your windows and sliding glass doors as these are both easy and common entrance points for burglaries in London and the wider UK. Before you leave the house, always lock your windows and sliding glass doors. You may even want to place a bar or wooden stick in your sliding glass door for additional safety. 

If your windows or patio doors won’t lock securely, you’ll need a residential locksmith that’s skilled in window lock repair and  sliding patio door lock repair. 

Be Creative with Hiding Your Valuables

We’ve all seen the hiding spots people use in the movies. The freezer, under the mattress and behind the sofa. You’ll need to be more deliberate when hiding and storing your most valuable items.This includes any jewellery you own so that they don’t get stolen or get lost. You’ll want to ensure you buy the best safe possible and keep it somewhere discreet. If in doubt ask for a recommendation from a certified locksmith.

Before renting a home, ask the landlord to pay more attention to safety

Whilst renting a home gives you less control over what you can and can not do with a property, you can speak to your landlord, even before moving in, and ask for additional security measures as well asking them to pay close attention to possible safety issues. If your door has a basic lock that can easily be picked, call a locksmith for a front door to recommend a new front door and have them install higher quality locks or replace the locks if you fear that a past tenant may have passed a copy on to someone else. 

Be More Attentive to Your Neighbours and People Around You

Based on burglary facts in the UK, it is known that tighter knit communities have less break-ins. This is because those communities are more  likely to help each other out and  thus more likely to notice suspicious behaviour. It’s helpful for you to get to know your neighbours and familiarise yourself with the people who live in the area. This will allow you to be more alert to people lurking around who shouldn’t be there. 

If there is a break-in at a home in the area, you and your neighbours should notify each other so you can be on the lookout if you haven’t already, this should be ample reason to do a full check of your home’s security measures and seek out professional residential locksmith services. 

Change the Locks to Safer Ones or Call a Locksmith to Check the Locks

Not all locks are created equal. In fact, some can easily be opened with a credit card, bump key or lock pick tools as previously mentioned. But a qualified 24-hour residential locksmith can install high-quality locks that will hold up against these techniques. Whether you need to change locks on an apartment door or  a house, ensure you  employ the services of a certified locksmith who  can ensure your locks will hold up against burglars trying to enter your home. 

These are all important steps you can take to keep your home and your family safe from burglars in London and the UK. A little work now goes a long way in burglary prevention. But for ultimate safety, find a certified locksmith near you to get a full check and repair or replace any locks that are broken or vulnerable to break-ins.


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