Premier league footballers and their extravagant homes

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Premier League Footballers and their Extravagant Homes

Premier League footballers are some of the highest-earning professional sports players in the world. When the talented stars get their big money to move to the Premier League or even current players receive a contract boost, they usually splash out on a nice home – and who can blame them? England has a large amount of affluent areas for celebs like David Beckham to sink their teeth into.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

When Zlatan made his big-money move to Manchester United, the expensive contract that came with the deal was enough to make anyone’s eyes water. When Zlatan moved to England he started to rent a home in Cheshire. 

The six-bedroom home came with a double garage, a pool and a gym and was setting the Swedish star back £16,500 a month before he moved back to AC Milan in 2019. When this move was announced the Boylesports Premier League odds had Manchester United to win the league at fairly decent odds and although Manchester United did not win the league, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a good signing for them.

John Terry

Arguably the best centre-back in Premier League history, John Terry would have been one of the most-paid players in the world and the home he had proved this. Terry had his home in Surrey, one of the richest areas in London, and he intended to destroy this home and build two new luxury houses in its place.

He paid £4.5 million for the property and got planning permission to destroy and renovate the building. The two residents have an array of rooms and the larger one will come with a pool and gym.

Frank Lampard 

Frank Lampard was also one of the best and most-paid footballers in the world during his prime. Near the tail end of his career, he got a lucrative contract offer to play for New York FC and he and his family moved to a big home in New York.

On his return to England, the Lampard family got a nice house in London with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a beautiful swimming pool and a gym. Later he added a pool table for some extra fun for the family. Frank Lampard is known for enjoying his cars and this house includes a multi-car garage valued at around £10 million. 

Paul Pogba 

Another Manchester United signing here, Paul Pogba got a huge move to Manchester United alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Jose Mourinho. Paul Pogba’s return to the Red Devils was considered a massive statement for the club and the beginning of a special career for the Frenchman. 

With his return, the France international paid 3.5 million for a luxury home in Cheshire. This home was packed with everything, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a heated indoor pool, a game room for some winding down, a balcony, a media room to watch films and finally, most importantly a high-tech gym so the start could stay fit. Unfortunately, this did not happen and his United career had some bright moments, moments but was ultimately not as great as once thought. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-earning athlete in the world, through sponsorships, his contracts and his own companies, he makes a lot of money and his homes reflect this. When He returned to Manchester United he bought a home in the very popular Alderley Edge, the home has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms and cost the Portuguese star a whopping £5.8 Million.

The home is jam packed with all sorts of luxury rooms like a cinema room, a sauna, a pool and a gym, but this is only the big thing. The house is filled with art pieces and is a real luxury home. Unfortunately, Ronaldo did not get to spend much time in the home as his United deal was somewhat cut short, he listed the house for a loss and it has yet to be sold. 

Final Thoughts

When Premier League players start to make a lot of money they want to spoil themselves and their families with lovely homes. Players like Paul Pogba who got a massive move to giants in football want a home they can live in for a long time because they assume they will be at the club for a long time. 

Sometimes it works out better than others and players stay for a long time and renovate their homes but other times they leave quite early on but they still had an extravagant home for the time they were there. 


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