How brexit is shaping up london’s property scene

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How Brexit Is Shaping Up London’s Property Scene

Ever since the UK waved goodbye to the EU, there’s been a ton of talk about what that means for those looking to buy or sell in London’s property market. It’s been six years, and we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

There were loads of doom-and-gloom predictions at the start, but the city’s real estate scene is tougher than it looks. Sure, it’s not all smooth sailing; the market’s had to adapt and face some new hurdles. So, let’s dive in and see how Brexit changed the game for real estate prices in London, investor tactics, and the overall vibe in the UK’s real estate market.

Transaction Trends And Property Values Post-Brexit

It’s been quite the rollercoaster in the UK housing market since Brexit. Despite all the worries that the market might take a nosedive, it turns out that the number of houses being bought and sold stayed pretty strong. Between the summer of 2016 and mid-2022, there were over 7 million homes that changed hands. That’s 14.4% more than in the same length of time before the Brexit vote. 

But, of course, there were some ups and downs along the way. Things like new stamp duty taxes and the political rollercoaster after the 2017 election shook things up a bit. And who can forget about the COVID-19 pandemic? It first hit the brakes on the market, and then, thanks to a break in stamp duty, there was a sudden rush of people buying homes.

Now, let’s talk about house prices. Everyone was bracing for a drop, but surprise – they went up! From mid-2016 to mid-2022, house prices in the UK jumped by 32%, which is even more than the 22.5% increase before the Brexit vote. So, Brexit wasn’t the only thing moving the market. Political ups and downs and the pandemic had their roles to play too.

But here’s a plot twist – central London, which is usually where all the high-flying property action is, saw prices drop by 14%. It looks like high taxes and political uncertainty didn’t do it any favours. Meanwhile, in other parts of the UK, where houses are more affordable, prices were on the rise.

The Ripple Effects of Brexit on Investor Strategies and Market Dynamics

Brexit’s been a game-changer for how folks invest in London’s bricks and mortar. Here’s a down-to-earth look at what’s been happening:

  • Big banks branching out. It’s like when your favourite coffee shop opens up new spots in different neighbourhoods. That’s what giants such as JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup are doing but in Paris and Frankfurt. Brexit’s got them spreading their wings across Europe.
  • Businesses packing their bags.  Imagine a bustling marketplace where suddenly a bunch of stalls just up and leave. That’s kinda what happened by the end of 2020, with a whopping 675 billion EUR worth of financial business shifting from the UK to Germany. This big move is shaking up the real estate scenes in both the old and new locations.
  • London’s changing landscape. This whole shuffle is making waves in the city’s property world. Both the high-rise office blocks and the cozy residential corners are feeling the shift.

Brexit-induced trade changes have led to an increased demand for logistics space:

  • Customs and e-commerce. Since Brexit, there’s a lot more red tape with customs and splitting up online shopping stock between the UK and EU. This means there’s a bigger appetite for warehouse spaces in both areas.
  • Northern Ireland’s sweet spot. Picture Northern Ireland as a kid with a foot in two different playgrounds – the UK and the EU. This unique spot might just be a golden ticket for its property market, playing a pivotal role in trade across both zones.

And we can’t forget about the folks who build and sell these spaces:

  • Short on hands and skills. The building and real estate worlds in London used to rely a lot on EU talent. Now, there’s a bit of a scramble for skills, pushing up costs and dragging out project timelines.
  • London’s in the hot seat. Since the city’s real estate scene was particularly cozy with EU workers, it’s facing a bigger challenge in adapting to these new realities.

So, here’s a snapshot of how Brexit’s been stirring the pot in London’s real estate market. It’s a whole new ball game now!

Long-term Market Outlook and Adaptation

So, here’s the lowdown on London’s real estate scene since Brexit shook things up. The market’s finally steadying itself. We’re seeing a mix of caution and optimism as investors figure out their next moves and property values adjust to this new chapter.

Here’s the interesting part: some areas, such as the East of England and the North West, are still feeling the pinch when it comes to affordability. Brexit’s not the only player in this game; local factors are also doing their bit to stir the pot.

Now, for those playing the currency game, the post-Brexit pound drop has been kind of a clearance sale for international buyers, especially those from the US. They’ve been snapping up properties at what feels like discount prices, thanks to the wobbly pound. But keep an eye on the Bank of England – if they get tough on inflation, this shopping spree might lose some of its charm.

Let’s not forget, London’s real estate isn’t just about buying and selling houses. It’s evolving, getting creative with opportunities in areas like logistics while wrestling with challenges like finding enough skilled workers. The way the market adapts to these shifts is going to be key.

Discovering New Horizons and Real Estate Treasures

London’s real estate market is a living, breathing creature, constantly evolving. Now, if you’re eager to dive into this ever-changing world, London. Real estate is your go-to. Whether you’re an investor hunting for the next big thing or a homebuyer sifting through the myriad of choices, this platform may be your trusty sidekick. It’s packed with listings, insights, and all the resources you could need. So, gear up to step into the property game with confidence, armed with the best tools. Let’s make your real estate journey in London an adventure to remember!


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