What is a link detached house?

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What Is a Link Detached House?

What is a link detached house? How is this type of home any different from a regular detached home? Are you wondering if this type of home is a good choice for you?

Before you make a decision, it is important to understand the common link detached house problems. It is also important to know about the benefits of this option. Keep reading and learn more about the pros and cons of a link detached home below.

What Are the Benefits of a Link Detached House?

A link detached house is almost completely detached from another house except for a garage. The “link” in this home is the garage. This link is why this type of home cannot be called a detached house in the traditional sense.

Even though the house itself is not attached to the other house, they are still linked by the garage. This prevents the home from being considered completely detached. There are also link detached homes that may be considered semi-detached homes.

This is when the link detached home is connected to a garage that also has a first-floor addition on top. The main benefit of a link detached house is that it gives you more privacy. Many people get this type of house when they want their elderly parents to live with them.

But living all in one house can be stressful due to the lack of privacy. A link detached house solves this problem. You can still keep your parents nearby but you can have your privacy too.

This is because a link detached house will have two separate living spaces. Each home will have its kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and so on. Privacy is easy to have since the only link between the two houses is the garage.

The Details

It is also easy to visit your relatives in the other part of the house when necessary. These houses were very popular in previous decades from the 1960s to the 1990s. Their popularity decreased since then, but they are starting to make a comeback.

This is because more people are starting to realize that these houses are very efficient. They are great for living near your relatives. They are also great if you want to make some extra money and rent out the space to other people.

Because the houses are mostly detached, you won’t have to worry about hearing any noise from your neighbours either. A link detached house feels like living in any ordinary detached house. These houses are also more affordable than your average home to build.

This is because the property shares materials and can be built at the same time. You can also choose between link detached homes and link semi-detached homes. It should be easy to live in this type of house with your family, friends, or tenants.

The garage link allows you to maintain a baseline level of privacy. But there are some downsides you should consider before you get one of these houses.

The Downsides of Link Detached Houses

While link detached houses are less noisy than attached houses, there may still be a noise problem. This is because there won’t be very much distance between the two houses. This lack of distance makes it inevitable that you will hear some of the noise from the other house.

But this noise shouldn’t be too severe. It will be more noticeable in the rooms near the linking garage. It will also be noticeable if the walls in the houses are thinner than usual.

But this is not common. Another downside of a link detached house is that you might not have enough space. Some people like to expand their houses to make their living space roomier.

But you won’t have much space to do this with a link detached house. Link detached houses usually take up the entire plot. This makes it impossible to do any expansions.

The only exception is if you build upwards. It may be possible to add a first floor to the garage. This is ideal if you want to create a shared living space or a storage room. Additions other than that are usually not possible.

What You Need to Know

You can also encounter some problems if your neighbour is not someone you know. Suppose the roof of the garage becomes damaged. It will be difficult to tell whether you or your neighbour is responsible for repairing the damage and paying for the costs.

Problems can also arise if your neighbour wants to build a new addition but you don’t want one. Suppose your neighbour wants to build a bungalow above the garage but you don’t want one.

This will create some tension and it may be difficult to come to a resolution. Living in a link detached house will make it more likely that you will fall into disputes with your neighbours. This type of property won’t have much garden space either.

This may be a problem if garden space is important to you. Link detached houses only have three available sides (or fewer) for garden space.

All about Link Detached House Options

A link detached house can be a great thing to have, but it also has its issues. A link detached house is only connected by a garage and sometimes a first-floor addition. This leaves you with plenty of privacy.

But there may be issues with noise, repairs, and available space.


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