Things to consider when selecting your new build home

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Things To Consider When Selecting Your New Build Home

Buying a house can be an incredibly thrilling prospect, but it’s important not to get too caught up in the excitement just yet. You still need to think logically and make the right decisions to ensure you buy a new home that’s going to meet your needs for years to come. 

With your rational cap on for a little while longer, here are some of the most important things to consider when looking for the one.


Your budget will ultimately determine what you can afford in terms of the location, size and style of a new build. Get to grips with how much you can realistically afford and use it to narrow your search down to only viable options. This should help to save you time and money in the process and make it easier to find the house that’s right for you.

Speak to a financial advisor to get a sense of what schemes are available to help you take your next step on the property ladder, or perhaps even your first. Developers often offer their own help-to-buy schemes as well, so it’s worth browsing.


The importance of location can’t be understated. A property’s proximity to work, schools, amenities and transport links are often make-or-break factors for prospective buyers. On top of all that, you’ll want to find a neighbourhood that will be a nice place to live for you and your family. 

It’s difficult to tick every box, so compromise may have to happen in one area or another. But the right house is out there for you, just have patience and keep searching.


New builds are built by housing developers who construct many homes on the same plot of land. Each will offer incentives and perks, but it’s important to find one you can trust with such a big purchase. Going to a showroom can help you get a sense of the developer and their work.

Find reviews from customers on platforms such as Trustpilot to gauge which developers have your best interests at heart. Carefully consider the warranties and guaranties offered too because these can be significant after you’ve bought the house.

House design

New housing developments will tend to follow a single design theme so all the properties will look fairly similar. However, there can be big differences between sites, including the materials used, the structure of the houses and the layout of the neighbourhood.

Consider how you want your house to look from the outside and feel on the inside. If there’s a show home on site already, take a look around and try to picture yourself living in that space. If it doesn’t come naturally, it may not be the one for you.


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