Airbnb interior design: 9 ideas to style your rental apartment

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Airbnb Interior Design: 9 Ideas to Style Your Rental Apartment

Whether you want to be an Airbnb host or a guest, there are some things you can do to enhance the appearance of a home. Creating an inviting space for guests to stay at an Airbnb can be challenging if you find yourself at a creative impasse. 

The easiest approach to begin is to seek motivation where you can find it. People who book the cheapest rooms nevertheless anticipate a certain standard.

Take a look at these top 9 inspiring decor ideas shared by successful Airbnb hosts:

Get Down to Fundamentals

It’s standard practice for a vacation rental to lack at least some of the essentials. That includes all the essentials and conveniences of home, such as dish detergent, hand soap, and the list goes on. From an aesthetic standpoint, you should make your Airbnb feel roomy, tidy, and high-quality.

The lack of decent beds and tidy linens is a major shortcoming. Create a lot of space for storing things in the bedrooms, and make sure the bathrooms have plenty of soft, new towels.

Consider Durability

The owners of holiday rentals should keep a few things in mind when constructing the space. The first is to purchase high-quality, long-lasting furniture, be it for a bedroom on the beach or a rustic log cabin. 

Keep an eye out for items that will stand the test of time and gain character as they get older. Guests will appreciate the extra effort, and you will earn brownie points to become a super host by giving them something nice and pleasant.

Create a Short-Term Themed Rental

To make your rental home truly unique, you might go with a themed design. In a beach setting, for instance, a pirate or mermaid theme would be appropriate. If you’re trying to make some prominent space in an already crowded market, this tactic can do magic.

All you need to do is settle on a topic that is of interest!

With the rising desire for unique houses, this Airbnb interior design technique may be worth considering even if your location isn’t particularly crowded. Airbnb claims that requests for nonstandard lodging options significantly outnumber those for standard ones.

Try a Cozy Cabin Theme

If your rental is decorated in a cozy rustic decor, the theme will undoubtedly be appreciated by the classy visitors. The trick is to use the motif well without going crazy. A few natural wood brown hues can be used as accents. 

The best part is, you can install a fireplace to make the rental even more cozy. Try placing a vintage sofa or chair near the fireplace and throw in a warm blanket. You can try painting a brick fireplace in white and light brown hues to match the furniture. It will give it a more rustic classic look. The visitors will love the overall warm vibe!

Participate as a Vacationer

When decorating an Airbnb, it’s probably better to put yourself in the shoes of a potential guest. Consider what will truly wow you and make your visit one to remember. Don’t discount the power of color psychology in interior design and its potential effects on your guests. 

Researching comparable rental properties is one approach to learning what tenants are looking for. Learn from their offerings and improve upon them.

Step Up the Personality & Character

How can you make Airbnb lodgings more inviting without turning off guests who don’t share your taste?

The Airbnb host must strike a delicate balance, and not all of them succeed. Keep in mind that while many Airbnb guests are just searching for a place to crash while in town for business or pleasure, an increasing number are instead using the service as a means to book a vacation rental.

Choose Eye-Catching Accent Items

We’ll pretend you’ve already gone with a Spartan aesthetic for your rented space, but you still feel like something’s missing. 

Fortunately, spiffing things up does not necessitate a total redo. It’s surprising how much of a difference even one simple statement piece can make in the overall opulence of a space. The focal point of a space could be a single statement piece of art or a vase. 


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