What size pressure washer is right for me?

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What Size Pressure Washer Is Right For Me?

When trying to decide which pressure washer is right for you, the same problem often arises.

The multitude of brands, different power options coupled with the cost easily explains why until recently power washers were for the pros only. As an example, choosing a machine that is over powered not only runs the risk of damaging your property but also can be hard to control and pose a risk to your own safety.

Fear not though, you need only answer a few key questions to help determine the right pressure washer for you:

  • How big an area will you be cleaning?
  • What sort of surfaces do you hope to tackle?

If you answered anything in the region of “a semi or detached house, cleaning the patio slabs, a wooden garden bench and perhaps the car” then a 100V cold water pressure washer will likely cover your needs.

Featuring compact, portable form factors but more importantly packing a punch in the cleaning stakes, look out for the following requirements in a compact 100V pressure washer:

  • Typical flow rates of 400 litres an hour
  • Roughly 120bar

The end result? You’ll be able to clean driveways, patio slabs, garden furniture, timber decking in good time. Remarkable results are achievable from even the most moderate of pressure washer machines nowadays and you’re saving yourself money in the long run!

Modern Pressure Washers

Pressure washers nowadays also tend to come with an assortment of nozzles, so for example, use the spray fan nozzle on woodwork (meaning you won’t strip the fibre out of the grain) or the trigger gun for pinpointing stubborn marks on patio slabs (the solidified form of concrete is suitable against the targeted force of the trigger gun, meaning dirt on top breaks down and disperses with little trouble.)

The high powered 415V or stationary machines you may see available are capable of doing the job quicker, but at much greater cost and often requiring experience so to operate the machinery safely. These types of machines serve their purposes far better in commercial situations such as cleaning a fleet of vans and buses, or intense cleans on agriculture/ factory machinery.

Consult a local home & garden retailer for prices and availability. Being able to discuss in more detail your specific needs will often confirm the right cleaning equipment for you and your budget, along with any advice specific to the device.


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