Essential tools for every toolkit

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Essential Tools for Every Toolkit

It’s frustrating having to wait for a tradesman to come and make repairs let alone spending your hard-earned money on minor home repairs, but many still do. 

In 2022, homeowners spent roughly three thousand pounds each on repairs. Some may have done so at the the thought of themselves having to do it themselves, others perhaps found it intimidating or overwhelmed by the tool needed and there prices so prefer to shift the burden to someone else. 

If doing it yourself makes you nervous, you can save a lot of money and time if you’re willing to learn. All it takes is perseverance, a can-do attitude, and binge-watching several YouTube videos.

So if you’ve opted for this route and need help knowing which tools you should have at home, this article is especially for you. We’ve covered three essential tools for do-it-yourself home repairs that are readily available at stores and online.

A Handyman Repair Bag

Furniture wears out quickly; the more you use them, the more nicks and dents they get. Even being extra cautious isn’t always enough, which is true for wood, metal, and other materials. 

This is why keeping a handy bag with all your quick-fix essentials like sealants, grab adhesives, and moisture absorbents are super important. 

At home, you don’t necessarily need a metal toolbox and could get away with a fabric repair bag, after all it’s for your home, not a building site. The fabric makes it lighter, and the open top allows you to grab something quickly when working. 

Regardless of where you store your tool, remember to keep everything in one place rather than scattered around the house in different places, cupboards and rooms. When you need to fix something urgently, you want to know exactly where your tools are instead of digging through drawers or scouring cabinets.

Socket Wrench Set

It performs the same function as a standard wrench but is more functional. Instead of purchasing dozens of wrenches, a single handle and removable sockets in various sizes will serve you better. 

When there isn’t enough room to turn a nut or bolt in a full circle, a socket wrench with a ratcheting handle allows you to turn it without repositioning the tool on the fastener, as a wrench would. 

Magnetic Stud Detector

When hanging things on on a wall, make sure you’re nailing or drilling into the wood or metal stud rather than relying on the plaster to avoid it falling. You can get a magnetic or electronic stud finder, depending on your budget and goal. Stud finders can be used to locate metal studs, pipes or screws and nails in wood framing.

Knee Pads

Knee protection isn’t only for professionals. Even if you only kneel for short periods, ignoring the need to care for your knees, the compounding effects can lead to serious joint problems later in life. Not only that, but they also protect against unexpected injuries, like kneeling on a rouge screw or nail. 

They’re lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for indoor tasks like installing baseboards, replacing lower cabinet doors, and even working in the garden.

That’s a wrap. Whether planning a renovation to free up some space, fixing a leak, or being your own professional handyman, most of these tools are a staple every home should have. – Remember to wear some work gloves too!


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