Ensure your garden is immaculate by servicing your garden machinery

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Ensure your Garden is Immaculate by Servicing your Garden Machinery

As the summer months approach and you want to start tackling your garden, you will be reliant on your garden tools and machinery to help you do the job. It is important to care for these items, as well-maintained tools can last many years.

You want your garden to look its best for the summer – servicing and maintaining gardening tools and machinery will help you to achieve this.


Mowers are likely to be one of the most expensive items of garden machinery you own, so it is important to perform regular maintenance on your lawnmower. If fuel-powered, always run the fuel down before storing it over the winter months. For any type of mower, you should brush and hose down the blades, rollers and grass box.

Height adjusters on the mower should be greased from time to time so that they do not seize up. If the blades are blunt, look at having them sharpened or replaced by a local supplier. For fuel-powered mowers, you should always ensure that there is no grass or dust in the filters, as this could potentially damage the engine.

It is also worth regularly checking the clutch and throttle cables for any wear and tear. Before you start regularly using your mower in spring, top up the oil to prevent the engine burning out.

Power Tool Care

Power tools can make jobs in the garden so much easier, but they too can be expensive to replace. Simple maintenance or servicing means they should last longer and work more effectively.

As with any electrical garden tool, make sure you check the plugs and cables for any signs of damage. Replace anything faulty so that your tool is safe to use. It is recommended that you spray any metal surfaces of power tools or garden machinery with a thin layer of all-purpose oil so that rust cannot accumulate.

Contact your local supplier if you want a power tool servicing or if you need to sharpen or replace any of the blades.

Sharp and Effective

Even with regular maintenance and care, some blades on garden tools and machinery will become blunt over time. In some cases, you can sharpen them yourself using a fine metal file.

If you are not sure how to go about this or think the blades may need replacing, it would be best to contact a local supplier to get their advice. If you find rust on any of your garden equipment, remove it with a wire brush and apply some oil. Don’t forget manual tools such as spades, forks and garden shears, which are also prone to rust.

Caring for you garden tools and machinery will improve their longevity and effectiveness. An immaculate garden requires hard work, knowledge, time and the right equipment. Servicing and maintaining your tools will bring out the best in them.


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