Pest prevention against insects

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Pest Prevention against Insects

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different species of insects in the world and many of them live in your garden or around your house. These little  critters can carry dirt and disease, and are generally unwanted. If you’re worried about insects getting into your home, then our handy point by point prevention guide could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Top Tips on Insect Pest Control

Insects come in all shapes and sizes. On the whole they have six legs, but we’ve extended the definition in this article to include all manner of creepy crawlies and flying pests. Just one can be a mere nuisance, but if they manage to get a toe-hold in your house, they can spread dirt and disease. Of course, prevention is always better than having to get rid of an infestation, which we can help you with. Just check our easy to use point by point guide.

  • The simplest way to stop crawling insects getting into your house is by applying a strong insecticide around areas where they could gain entry. This should usually be available in the form of a spray, although be careful not to use this around areas where children play for obvious reasons.
  • Air vents also provide a possible route for insects to access your property. You should be able to buy a fine mesh grating that will fit over any air-vents. Of course, there are still very small insects that may be able to penetrate this, but it will stop the bigger bugs.
  • Insects can use the smallest of gaps around your windows, doors and other fittings to gain entry into your property. Take a good look at all the cracks and gaps around your windows and make sure these are all sealed properly to ensure no easy access points for insects.
  • You may have seen special kinds of door barriers in shops, particularly butcher’s shops. These ribbon or chain doors form an excellent barrier against flying insects, allowing you to leave your door open in the summer and enjoy a fresh breeze without having to deal with a big influx of pests.
  • Certain types of insects, such as silverfish, are encouraged by left over food or spilled cereals. You can ensure against these little pests by making sure that the areas all round your cooking equipment and spaces is clean and that all loose foodstuffs are stored in resealable boxes to prevent them attracting bugs.
  • If you have a garage or any kind of semi-external room as part of your property, then insects could be using the gap under your door as an entry point. You should be able to find a brush like strip to fit at the bottom of the door which will provide a simple barrier to stop insects like cockroaches from entering your house under the door.
  • Of course, in spring, summer and early autumn months the nights are often too warm to sleep with shut windows. The slightest light source can prove to be a beacon for all manner of night fliers such as moths and mosquitos. Prevent these pests with a fine mesh screen, which forms a preventative barrier against such invaders.
  • If flying insects prove a persistent problem then it might be an idea to invest in an electrical bug zapper. These units, which can be often see in food outlets have two components. First there’s an ultraviolet light source to attract insects and then there’s an electrically charged component that kills pests like moths.

Ultimately it is impossible to stop all insect attempts to get into your house, but with a bit of care, you can minimise their chances and repel most of these insect pests before they even get a chance to get in.


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