Myths about pests in your home

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Myths About Pests in Your Home

Pests in your home can cause a variety of issues for you and your family. Not only can they damage your house and the items within it buy they can have a negative impact your health too.

The Negative Impact of Pests in the Home

The precise impact of pests in the home depends on the type of pest that we’re looking at. Rats, for example, will gnaw and leave bite marks on the likes of furniture, cables and clothing. They will also leave their droppings around your house which is not only unpleasant but also unhygienic and unhealthy for you and your family.

Bed bugs have several negative consequences for your home including leaving excrement and egg shells on your bed sheets and shedding skin in the areas they infest. On top of that, their bites can cause allergic reactions.

Pest & Pest Control Myths

The team at The Pest Control Co have designed the below infographic which shows some of the biggest myths out there regarding household pests and pest control.

These widespread myths include the likes of: a cat will keep rats out of your home, ultrasonic repellents will rid your home of pests and if you can’t see any pests, you mustn’t have them.

The Dangers of Pest Control Myths

The problem with myths like those in the above graphic is that they can result in us taking the wrong action when it comes to pests. We may assume that we don’t have pests in the house when we do or we may and try rectify the problem ourselves in a way that isn’t effective.

The Solution

The best solution with pests is to not take chances. If you’re unsure about having pests in your house or knowing about what to do about them, it’s best to get the advice of a professional. A pest control company can provide the appropriate advice, diagnosis and solution to your pests so you can live in a healthy and happy pest-free home.


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