Panning for gold in your back garden

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Panning for gold in your back garden

Unless your area is known for gold production, it’s unlikely that you find gold on your property but it could be worth giving it a go regardless. Understanding how to pan for gold can be a skill that you can use elsewhere, in places where gold is present. This month CMS Cepcor is here to explain how to pan for gold to help you find gold on your property. 

Where should I look to find gold in my garden?

There are two types of places to find gold deposits and is typically found around rocky areas and stream beds – also known as lode and placer (hard rock veins and surface). Gold can be found in every river in the world but what varies is its density. Some rivers may contain such little gold that you may need to sieve for half a decade before finding any and others, may require professional miners to extract areas where gold is dense.

For most homeowners, rivers and rocky areas aren’t commonly found in their back garden in the UK, so it’s important to dig if you want to find gold. Once you have decided on the best spot in your garden, it’s time to grab a trowel or shovel and wheelbarrow. 

Tip: if you’re aware that there’s quartz in your garden, it’s likely gold is nearby too.

What to wear when panning for gold

Panning for golf can be muddy work so make sure you’re wearing old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will be mixing mud and water so if you’re really determined to find a shiny, noble metal. 

Methods for panning for gold

Start digging in your preferred spot of the garden and place the soil you’ve extracted into a wheelbarrow until full. Next, take your gold pan and fill it with the soil from the wheelbarrow, fill two-thirds of the pan. Submerge the soil-filled gold pan in water slowly and lift back up to the surface of the water, move in a circular motion to shift the soil out of the pan and separate large rocks or gold. As you notice large rocks, remove them and carry on moving the pan in shallow water. Carry on with this method until you are left with small remnants, check for gold and repeat. 

If you find yourself curious in the garden, give gold panning a go. It’s good fun and you might just find some treasure! This article was written by CMS Cepcor, specialist providers of cone crusher parts, crusher spares, crusher liners and other services. We’re the leading aftermarket manufacturer and supplier, supplying to mining, aggregate production and crushing industries, globally. For more information, contact our friendly team today. 


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