Should you move home during the week or over the weekend?

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Should You Move Home During The Week Or Over The Weekend?

Moving home is a tricky yet inevitable process, one that most of us will have to navigate multiple times over the years. It may be the first or fifth time you’re packing up and moving your base, but chances are you’ll likely still be working on perfecting your approach.

One question a lot of people will likely have when it comes to optimising their move is when will be best to do it. To help answer that important query, we decided to focus on the respective pros and cons of moving mid week compared to moving over the weekend.

Moving In The Week

Moving mid week is a less common approach compared to moving over the weekend, and comes with a range of pros and cons.

Pros Of Moving Home In The Week

The main pros associated with moving mid week are that things will generally be a lot less busy. You’ll probably find it easier to book removal services with a professional company, like Kiwi Movers, the roads will have less traffic (outside of commuter hours that is) and any other services that you need, such as pet or child care, will likely also be more readily available.

Cons Of Moving Home In The Week

Moving mid week does have some drawbacks, however. Perhaps the most significant con, for most people at least, is that you will likely have to take extra time off from work. Additionally, you’ll probably find it harder to get help from friends and family if they also have to work, and in some areas, the traffic could actually end up being worse.

Moving Over The Weekend

Moving over the weekend tends to be a more popular solution for most people, but as with moving mid week, it comes with both pros and cons.

Pros Of Moving Over The Weekend

The main pros associated with moving over the weekend are that you’ll probably have a bit more time available to carry out the move. You won’t need to take off as much time from work, and your friends and family will also likely be available to give you a helping hand as well. You’ll have two whole days to get the bulk of the move done with, which should be enough in most cases.

Cons Of Moving Over The Weekend

Due to the increased convenience of moving over the weekend, you won’t be the only one who decides that’s the most convenient time to move house. As a result, you’ll likely find it a lot harder to book some of those crucial services to help with the process. 

Whether that’s a removals company or a childcare provider, you’ll need to make sure that you book them weeks or even months in advance. Even if you do find that you can book services for the weekend, you may find that their rates are higher than they are during the week, further increasing the costs associated with the move.

Making A Decision

While these pros and cons will apply in most situations, they will obviously be more or less relevant to different people. To make a decision, you’ll need to sit down and think about your own personal circumstances, and which time of week they might favour.

For example, if you’re retired or you’re not working at the moment, then it’s far more likely that you’ll be able to benefit from a mid week move. Likewise, if your job is incredibly full on and you really need that down time over the weekend to recover before you start your next week at work, you’ll probably need to take some time off during the week, so that you don’t get burnt out by the move.

If, on the other hand, your work is quite chill and you don’t really need to take the weekend to relax, or if you really think you’ll need help from your friends who are only free on the weekend, then that could be a deciding factor. There’s no clear, straightforward answer that will apply to everyone, which is something you’ll need to keep this in mind when planning your move more generally. Don’t try to fit into some preconceived idea of what a move should look like, but instead make the move work for you.

It’s important to note that for many people, it won’t be a case of one or the other. If you need more than a couple of days to get the move done, you could book a couple of days off – perhaps Thursday and Friday – as well as taking the weekend. This will leave you with more than enough time to get everything done, while allowing you to benefit from both midweek and weekend moving pros.


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