Preparing furniture for transportation

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Preparing Furniture for Transportation

Transporting furniture can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you’ve simply sold something online or you’re moving home, transporting furniture requires special effort to get done properly. Don’t worry, these few simple tips will help you out and make the task a lot less stressful.

Preparation & First Steps in Furniture Transporting

We start with the obvious stuff. You have to take some time to prepare for the whole ordeal. This means create a checklist and  plan for what you will need to do. Include also time to plan out the packaging for the furniture, check the route for the item to get from its place inside the house to the outside and in the lorry and so on.

Your plan should also account for the materials needed for packaging, possible tools and so on. Do plan for any unforeseen events, too. How can you do that? Simple, allocate more time for each stage of the process. For example, if you estimate that you will need two hours to prepare the furniture, allocate at least three.

Using Professional Furniture Couriers

Also choose the dates and research quotes from furniture courier firms. When you select suitable offers, get in contact with the couriers and ask them about additional services, insurance, fees and any other questions you may have.

Choosing a furniture courier is relatively simple. Yes, the price is a great way to pick, but instead focus on the response of the firms you’ve chosen to explore. The ones that give the most detailed and honest answers, are what you should go for. 

For example, courier A can give you a lower estimate, but “neglect” to mention that some of the features in the offer are after additional fees. Courier B on the other hand can be much more transparent and show you what you get for the initial rate and then show you the additional services and their costs. Of course, this is much more transparent and honest which in turn is a sign of the way the firm goes about its business.

Final Preparations

Right, you’ve booked a courier, now it’s time for the final preparations. Depending on your given situation and arrangements with the firm these last steps can vary. But in general they would be giving the furniture a final inspection and a quick clean. Also removing any additional items like loose shelves, cushions, etc. Next wrapping the furniture in protective bubble wrap and getting ready for the couriers to arrive.

The Moving Day

Again, this will depend greatly on each situation. But as a golden rule remember to set aside enough time. Anything can happen. For example, a large wardrobe may be “stubborn” and require a bit more time in order to be taken downstairs and into the lorry safely. The weather may be poor. There are plenty of things that can go wrong or simply be delayed. So setting aside a lot more time will make you more at ease. And if everything goes according to the plan and the schedule, you can use the extra time for some well deserved relaxation.


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