Looking for a new home – tips for your search, and for moving

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Looking for a New Home – Tips for Your Search, and for Moving

The number of people moving home in the UK is once again on the rise, after the initial hiccup provided by the introduction of coronavirus restrictions. Towards the end of 2021, the number of people moving home was over 10% higher than the number of people settling in. Many of these movers are first-time buyers, and many struggle without guidance. The following tips are indispensable to those new to moving, saving money and mental strife through one of the more stressful experiences in adult life.


The single most important aspect to any new home is location. Almost every other factor can be addressed or changed, but your location is immovable – so be sure you’re happy with an area before you begin your search. 

How you choose a location will depend on certain personal criteria – you may want to live close to a school, or you may need transport links to an urban area. If your local area is already a desirable location, but you’ve been struggling to find properties, a quick online search for ‘new builds near me’ will reveal a number of affordable properties with no chain – meaning you can move hassle-free.

In-Person Viewings

When you get to the viewings stage of your house hunt, you should endeavour to see every house in person, with your own eyes. Virtual tours are a useful way to get a feel for a property before you register your interest, but they can also make it difficult for you to get a true feel for the property – not to mention harder to spot potential issues.  

Budget the Move Itself

You will already have a budget for your house search, including a price range for properties and the additional costs that come with hiring a solicitor, paying for surveys and covering stamp duty. Between your solicitor’s fees and initial mortgage deposit, it is important that you create a separate budget for the moving process.

If you’re moving by yourself, you may want to factor in van hire to move more items at a time; alternatively, you may want to spend more on an all-inclusive removals company, like Goldline Removals, to remove the stress.

Pack a Moving Bag

This is perhaps the single most useful thing you can do for yourself in the moving process: whichever removals options you take, pack a moving bag. This bag should contain clothes for the next couple of days, a couple sets of cutlery and crockery, a pan or two, and all of your important documents. This way, you aren’t digging through boxes and crates before you can do something as simple as eat in your new home! 

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve finally moved into your new home the next steps are settling in. Whilst it’s not typically thought of as part of the moving process it’s actually the last part. Settling into your new home is extremely important. You’ll want to at least get the basics unpacked straight away before you head out to explore you new area. From here you’ll need to organise everything else such as mail redirection and even meeting your new neighbours. Finally, make sure you find the best takeaways, you going to want to treat yourself for all your hard work.


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