6 money-saving tips for home removals

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6 Money-Saving Tips For Home Removals

If you’re moving home, you’ll likely have a lot of stuff on your plate money wise to deal with as it is without having to worry about spending too much on a removals service too. To keep your move running as smoothly as possible, we’ll be giving you our top tips for saving money during your home removal.

Be ruthless with your belongings

The more items you have, the costlier your removal will be, and therefore it pays to go through your belongings and purge yourself of any and all items that you no longer need. We accumulate a lot of stuff in our homes, much of it being put into storage because we think we may still have a use for it, but more often than not we go through our daily lives quite happily not touching it all. To put it bluntly, it’s a useless belonging you could do with binning or giving to charity, so be ruthless and shed some of it off before your move!

Plan your meals properly during the moving week

Once all your pots and pans are packed away, and what with trying to trim down the contents of your cupboards, fridge and freezer too before the move, you’ll likely find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to mealtime. At times like this, it may seem like a great idea to reach for the phone and get constant takeaways, but soon the food bills will skyrocket and you’ll likely regret it, just as your scales will regret your choice too! See to it that you cook enough meals in the weeks preceding the move that you can freeze and warm up as and when you need them. Your wallet and scales will thank you.

Shop around for your removals service

Most removals companies will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for their services. As such, it is well worth your time to contact a number of removals teams to ensure that you get the best deal possible, as well as, more importantly, the best service possible too.

Use second-hand boxes

Good for both the environment and your wallet, reusing boxes to pack your belongings away is another step you should take. Local shops often don’t want to keep the boxes their deliveries arrive in, so you may be able to pick up boxes there. If you have money to spare in this regard, however, removals companies will likely offer packing services themselves with which they will provide all the materials you need.

Book the removals service early

One of the best ways to save money when hiring a removals service, as with a lot of things in life, is to book them in early. The closer to the moving date you hire the service, the costlier it will be. Don’t get caught out and plan effectively!

Make a checklist

You don’t want moving day to arrive only to find you’ve forgotten to arrange something really important, like checking the loft again for items you haven’t packed yet or researching the best energy suppliers for your new home, so you should always make a checklist for the move. Keeping to a checklist will ensure that you’re on top of things and make it less likely that you have to pay out big to rectify issues should you leave them too late. It will also give you the chance to shop around as time will be on your side.

Whether you’re looking for removals in Market Harborough, or a removals company in Reading or you need to look a reliable, experienced and highly reviewed companies to work with. An alternative choice for if you have a smaller amount of furniture and possessions to move you might want to consider a man with a van. Naturally as these type of services are smaller operations you’ll easily find a man with a van in Bedford, Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK.

No matter the choice of service or size of the company you think is best, ensure the one you choose has a good amount of years of experience in the removals industry, they have great reviews and they can provide information you may need.


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