5 questions to ask when choosing an estate agent

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Estate Agent

So you’re selling a property? Regardless of where you’ll want the best estate agent. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll need an estates agent in Wigan, West Ham or a Willenhall Estate Agents, there is plenty of choice for estate agents in the UK. But how do you know which estate agent would offer you the best service, or indeed get you the best price for your property.  

Picking the right estate agent can be the difference between selling your home quickly or it being sat in property portals for months on end. So, how do you choose the correct estate agent? lots of people will just go for the one that is nearest to their home. But there are a number of variables when deciding on an estate agent which could be the difference between a smooth trouble free sale or a complex nightmare. So, listed below are five questions you should ask before deciding who to place your property with. Remember the careful choice of an estate agent can lead to you getting the price you want in the shortest time. 

How Many Properties Like Mine Have You sold Recently 

Having experience of successfully selling properties like yours is a big plus point when choosing an estate agent. If they have been handling similar properties, they will generally have a specific knowledge of what buyers want and realistic sale prices. Quite often they will have a list of potential clients looking for the exact type of property you are looking to sell. Always ask how long these properties took to sell, and whether the prices had to be reduced, that way you can get a good feel for timescale and realistic value. You will also find that Estate Agents who regularly sell properties such as yours will have a good reputation in the local area making them a magnet for buyers. 

What Platforms Will You Use to Advertise My Property 

Most Agents will tell you they use property portals like Zoopla, Right Move and other property portals. But you need to research more deeply into exactly which ones they use and also what other forms of marketing they offer. Also ask if they have an e mail list of potential buyers, do they send them details of all properties or just ones they feel match their exact requirements. How extensive is their use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also check they still use traditional methods like for sale boards and local papers as these are still useful ways of getting a property in front of potential buyers. 

If I Choose You Who Will Be Dealing with My Property 

Always try and find out who will be handling your sale, you need to ensure you are getting the services of an experienced professional. A knowledgeable, trustworthy and likeable sales person can make a huge difference when selling a property. Be aware that some estate agents will look for you to show prospective clients around your property, however it is usually better for a skilled sales agent to do this. 

Would you Recommend I do Anything to the Property Before Putting it on the Market

This is something you can ask after the agent has initially viewed your property. You can ask for their experienced opinion. The right agents will usually have sold hundreds of property in the area and will have a feel for what buyers are looking for and things that may put them off. Try not to be sensitive about things you may love about your home, remember if they advise you to change anything it is for the sole purpose of attracting buyers. 

How Much do You Think My Property Will Sell For?

This is probably the question you want to ask from the off. One thing to consider is that some agents will tempt you with the possibility of a higher price to get your business even if there is no realistic chance of achieving it. When an agent gives you a price, ask for examples of similar properties that have sold recently. Make sure you get the sale price not the asking price. Another useful question is whether there are certain times of the year when properties achieve higher prices, it is possible you may get more money by waiting. 

There are undoubtedly other questions you could ask, however the ones we have listed above will give you a good starting point when choosing you estate agent. 


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