15 steps in processing a house and land package: a complete guide

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15 Steps In Processing a House and Land Package: A Complete Guide

It’s now easier to live in your dream home. Home Builder companies now offer numerous house and land packages for every budget. Don’t be discouraged by the process because the whole thing is truly direct and simple. It’s just a matter of knowing everything that you need to look out for.

To give you an idea as to how easy owning a house and land in Perth is, we will enlist the complete step-by-step process that will entail. After reading this, you’d be aware of how easy, simple, and truly uncomplicated the whole process is.

Step 1: Know Your Budget

Do you know how much you can spend? Always start with a budget in mind. This will help in ensuring that you won’t spend more than what you can afford. Be clear with the amount.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Land & house packages in Perth for first time buyers are aplenty. One quick sweep on different home builder companies will give you an idea as to what’s in the market. Dedicate a day for research to get a feel of what you want, what feels good, and what works well with your budget.

Step 3: Reach Out to Family and Friends

Once you’ve chosen the best home developer for your needs, you should reach out to family, friends, and networks. You should ask them what they know about the developer. If you can reach out to former clients of the developer, do so. You should ask if they feel satisfied with how their home turned out.

Step 4: Inspect

Once your preferred home developer has passed your personal and professional evaluation, it’s time to check out display homes. Schedule a day for inspection of land and display homes. Checking out display homes will give you an idea as to what your home developer can truly deliver.

Step 5: Home Loan Pre-Approval

After inspection and duly checking the legitimacy of your chosen home developer, you may then apply for a home loan. Your home developer should be able to assist you in this process. So many loan options and grants are available for home buyers.

Step 6: Pick a Home Design

After beginning your home loan application process, you may then start conceptualising a final home design. For this to be easier, enlist your must-have features. You need to have a solid list of non-negotiables to ensure your full satisfaction. It will also simplify and streamline your communication with your home developer.

Step 7: Pick a Parcel of Land

After finalising a home design, you may then begin to choose a parcel of land. In choosing, you should also be clear with what you want. Do you want a land that faces the sunrise? Do you want one that is easy to access? Be clear with what you want.

Step 8: Double-check the Contract 

Before proceeding with everything, you need to fully understand your contract. Check everything that is included and not included in the deal. Check if it includes the following:

  • light fittings
  • fencing
  • driveway
  • floor coverings
  • built-in dishwasher
  • landscaping

You should check the exact period that it will take to finish the job. The period should be clear. You should also know the exact final price of your chosen house and land package.

Step 9: Loan Finalization

After checking your contract and doing due diligence, you may then focus on your loan application. You should fully organize everything for easy final approval. The more organized you are, the faster the processing of your loan application will be.

Step 10: Have a Solicitor Help You

Reach out to a solicitor. You should have a solicitor check your contract before exchanging contracts with your home developer. If you have a separate builder, then you should have its contract checked as well. 

Step 11: Contract Exchange

After having a solicitor check your contracts, you may then exchange contracts with your developer. Exchanging contracts will finalize everything and have the construction rolling. The construction of your home will immediately begin upon signing.

Step 12: Construction Check-in

This is something that you should do on a regular basis. The more hands-on you are, the faster the construction will be. Your developer should know that you’re duly monitoring the project. Do regular construction visits. Check out for issues and possible problems so that they can be resolved immediately.

Step 13: Progressive Payment Release 

Don’t pay on a one-time big-time basis. You should release payments by progress and as the project courses through. You should only release a partial payment every single time a stage is completed. This will ensure that your home developer knows that you’re carefully checking and monitoring everything.

Step 14: Final Inspection

Your home developer will inform you immediately once the project is completed. You should then do a final inspection. The finished project should duly comply with everything enlisted in your signed contract. You should check for issues that they should tend to first before giving your final payment. Once you’ve ensured that everything is superb, you may then release your final payment.

Step 15: Move-In

After final inspection and duly checking that the finished project is ready to be lived in, you and your family may then move in! Congratulations on your new home!


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