Keeping up with the kids and their bedroom decor

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Keeping Up With The Kids and Their Bedroom Decor

Dealing with kids can be a daunting task. They are fussy not only about food, but about everything that concerns them. Their moods and choices change at a rapid rate and therefore, when designing their rooms or making changes to the decor, special care needs to be taken to ensure that the designs go with the tastes and preferences of your kids.


Often, your kids may grow out of love for the design of their rooms simply because of the fact that they are growing up and need something more mature. Thus, bringing about changes in the decor of your kids’ rooms is mandatory and these changes should be done from time to time.

The changes need not be anything major like changing the entire dynamics of the room. Simple changes like upgrading the furniture or painting a wall can make a startling difference. The decor should be simple yet it must have the capability to adapt to the various stages of the growth of your kid.

Given below is a list of rules, which if followed well, will ensure that you keep up with the changing times and bring a smile to your kid’s face.

Use Smart Beds

If you decide to change the bed as per the growth of your child, you may soon realize that a large chunk of your money is being spent on beds alone. Instead, you could opt for more versatile options like the nursery crib which can be converted into other types of beds which would be suitable for kids, toddlers and teenagers as they grow in that particular order.

Choosing these types of child beds over ordinary ones is immensely innovative, not to mention it helps save a decent chunk of money.

Painting the Walls

The simplest way to suffuse a breath of fresh air into your kid’s room is by changing the colour of the walls periodically. It helps change the look of the room dramatically and the entire procedure itself is very cost effective.

If your kids are old enough, you can even involve them in the painting of their own room. They can choose the colour that they would like to paint the walls with. This not only makes the whole procedure easy on the pocket, it is also a fun and interactive way to change the decor of your kids’ rooms.

Opt for Modular Fixtures

Modular furniture is an excellent way to save money on buying essential furnishings at every period of your kids’ growth.  This type of Fittings and fixtures is a fun and quirky way to introduce new styles and designs depending upon the changing needs of the children.

The best part about using anything modular is the fact that the main components remain the same. With modular options, you do not need to renovate and update every now and again. You can mix and match several elements to get the right look for your child’s room.

Activity Areas

When a child is still young, he cannot do without his toys. As he grows into a teenager, his needs change. At this point, it is impossible for him to live without his phone, iPod and laptop. An activity area catering to these needs is crucial.

These areas must be accommodating and must be able to adapt to the child’s changing needs. Creativity is the key to ensuring the decor looks fresh. Hanging the child’s artwork across the room, fixing bulletin boards on their walls and other such imaginative ideas work wonders and can permeate the room with vivacity and brightness.


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