Items in long-term storage that could be worth a mint

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Items In Long-Term Storage That Could Be Worth A Mint

Find out if items you have been storing for a long time could be worth something now. 

If you were one step ahead of the game and have had long-term storage for years, maybe you have some hidden gems in there you are unaware of. Certain items that were worth very little a while ago have shot up in value. 

You could be sitting on top of a potential self storage gold mine. Here are just a few items you might have in long-term storage that could be worth a mint now:


Records are back in fashion and you can even buy new vinyl in super markets. Records are definitely on trend so you could find that your vintage vinyl is worth more than it used to be. Some records are still only worth 50p on a good day, but certain albums are worth hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Why not check yours out?

Arcade Games

Arcade games are worth money even if they aren’t working. Lots of people want to buy these games to restore and sell on, or even just to use as props in restaurants and cafes. Working versions will be worth even more so if you have one gathering dust in your self storage unit it could be worth a look. 

Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes from any era are highly desirable right now with the trend in upcycling and people are embracing everything from the 80’s and especially the 90’s. Certain types of T-shirt, shoes and jackets can be worth hundreds of pounds. Even garish Hawaiian shirts currently have a place in fashionista’s wardrobes. 

90’s Furniture

90’s furniture is as popular as 90’s clothes, especially those with specific 90’s patterns and colour schemes. Even an original cushion from the 90’s could be worth something so don’t have a clear out until you have checked the potential value of these once loved pieces. 

Terracotta and Unusual Pots

Plants are a huge trend right now and vintage terracotta pots can fetch a mint online. Unusual plant pots and plant stands can also bring in the pounds, especially if they are bright and especially pretty.


Watches are in fashion again (yes, really) and lots of previously unwanted types are now worth something again. Large watches are particularly popular, and retro watches are flying off the shelves. Vintage designer named watches like Rolex of course always maintain their value and you may find if you have something from many years ago that it is worth more now. 


Books are still very much an investment and they are even more sought after now that e-readers have become popular. First editions of certain books tend to fetch the most money and some can be worth thousands of pounds. If you are clearing out your self storage unit you may want to check that book box before donating it to charity. 

Hopefully the tips above have helped you feel inspired to check out what you have in long-term storage. You might be surprised how much value your things have now, especially if you haven’t had a look at your unit in a long time. Who knows, maybe you’re sitting on a goldmine.


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