Is a new boiler the right solution for your investment property?

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Is A New Boiler The Right Solution For Your Investment Property?

When you’re restoring an investment property, there’s a lot of factors to consider: from price to what buyers want from a new home, you have to make sure that everything comes together to create the perfect property.

A new boiler could be the ideal solution, as it will last for many years and keep the property warm and cosy.

New models of boiler use innovative, cutting-edge technology to heat water and store it so that your property will be more energy-efficient and enticing.

However, boiler installation can be a laborious process, so it’s understandable that some investors might be wary of installing a new boiler in their property. Read on to find out why a new boiler could help your investment property to sell quickly and for the best possible price.

A Boiler Installation By A Professional Engineer Will Prove That The Property Is Safe

Many older properties have old, tired boilers whose safety certificates have been lost by the previous owner. As such, getting a boiler installed by an experienced, Gas Safe Engineer, will ensure that prospective buyers know that your property is completely safe. The team of boiler insallation experts at CP12 Energy are a perfect example of this. They are on the Gas Safe Register and all of their gas safety engineers are qualified to carry a Gas Safe ID card, which is an essential check you should make when employing someone. They can quickly and efficiently install a new boiler in your property so that you can get on with the important job of renovating the rest of the building and preparing it for sale.

Installing A New Boiler Will Raise The Value Of Your Property

When your property is valued for sale, estate agents will take into account the investments you’ve made and the amenities that your property has to offer to a potential buyer. Your boiler is just one of many factors that they will consider, and the newer and more innovative the system, the better. As such, if you want to get the best price for your property and achieve the return on investment that you’ve always dreamed of, then you need to consider installing a new boiler.

New Boilers Are Energy-Efficient

As mentioned earlier, new boilers use innovative technology to reduce energy consumption and wastage. As a result, they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than older boilers. The environment is a hot topic right now, and so any techniques you can use to make your property more sustainable will help you to sell it. Check out a range of the newest solutions on the market to find the one that will help you to achieve a better energy rating for your property and make it appeal to a wide range of cost and environmentally-conscious buyers.  

By Installing A New Boiler, You Can Find A System That Buyers Will Want

There are many different types of boiler on the market, and each one has a unique function and benefits a different type of property. Many homeowners like to use combination boilers, as they automatically heat the water, meaning that you never run out of hot water and can quickly warm up your home. By installing a new boiler in your investment property, you can find a solution that buyers will want, which will increase your chances of selling your property quickly.


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