Insuring a classic car

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Insuring a Classic Car

Classic cars are the pride and joy of their owners, with people doing whatever they can to keep them well protected and in top condition at all times. If, however, something does go wrong with your classic car, it is vital that the insurance you have for the vehicle covers all aspects of its aesthetics, internal mechanics and functionality.

What is a Classic Car

Classic cars in the UK do not fall under a specific, fixed age group, though a classic car must be older than 15 years to qualify under this title. A car that is just 15 years old may be referred to as a modern classic, in fact.

Though classic cars do not necessarily have to be old, the majority of them are one-offs that have been made in the past which now are not manufactured any longer. It is important to note that different insurers will class what a classic car is differently from other insurers, so check with your insurer when getting your classic car insured that they are prepared to consider it as one.

Insuring your Classic Car

When it comes to insuring your classic car, there are various things to take into consideration. Whilst it may be more expensive to insure a classic car for some reasons, such as the parts being less readily available, there are also many instances in which it may in fact be cheaper to insure older, more classic models of car.

Here, we run through some factors worth considering when you insure a classic car to ensure you have all the information available to you, allowing you to pursue the best policy for your model of car.

Low Policy Price

Classic cars are often cheaper to insure for a number of reasons, including:

Insurers tend to assume that the car will be doing less mileage due to its age and its purpose as a show piece rather than a car used to make long trips or have many passengers. Most classic car owners take great care of their vehicles, ensuring that they are well maintained at all times and stored in a safe and secure location.

Uncommon Parts

There are, however, considerations to make when it comes to replacing faulty or broken parts which may no longer be available such as windscreens. Though insurance will cover the repair of a classic car’s windscreen, not all manufacturers may still produce the exact replica windscreens needed to replace the broken ones, meaning that customers’ premiums may be pushed up or certainly a higher excess may be charged in the instance of a broken windscreen on their classic car. For more information on repairing and replacing classic car windscreens, it is worth speaking to specialists such as those at The Windscreen Company.

Other parts of the car may also incur expensive excess payments or, indeed, may make the insurance premium more expensive on account of their rarity. For this reason, it is important to shop around expert insurance companies for the best policy when looking to cover a classic car, as some may be more equipped to cover certain classic makes than others.


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