Humane pest control against pigeons

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Humane Pest Control Against Pigeons

Over the last few decades the number of pigeons in urban and suburban areas has risen. These creatures are on the whole harmless, although their droppings can actually damage buildings and they smell terrible. No one wants a pigeon entering their house, nor do they want to destroy them or any other part of nature in preventing their access.


If you go to a certain famous London landmark, renowned for its pigeons, you’ll find that the once popular practice of feeding the birds is now banned. This is because the humble pigeon is causing massive problems in this capital city. These pests are well known for getting into buildings and causing all manner of dirt and damage by roosting and resting on ledges.

Of course, you might not be living in London, or even in a built up residential area, but pigeons can still be a problem to you. They might want to get in your garden and frighten away other birds, or could be looking for somewhere to roost in your roof. So what’s the best way to stop these birds invading your property, whilst still respecting them as living creatures?

If you live in a built up sub-urban area then pigeons will be attracted by all manner of rubbish. Make sure that all black sacks are well tied and stored within bins that have securely closed lids. Also keep the area round bins clean of food-spills. Remember, it’s hard for any pests to survive if you shut down their source of sustenance.

All types of birds are afraid of cats. Some species of birds even go as far as to employ one of their flock in the tree watching out for these feline predators as they feed on the ground. Just the mere presence of a cat will dissuade most of these birds from ever coming near your house.

One of the best ways to stop a pigeon infestation is by making sure there are no ledges on your house where they can rest or nest. A nice, eco friendly way of stopping these birds from doing this is with wooden spikes. These can be made by drilling holes into a narrow board and then fitting wooden spikes in them.

Perhaps the easiest way for pigeons to gain entry into your property is through holes in the roof, under tiles. Always check for loose tiles, as these can not let pests, but also water into the roof’s structure, so it’s a good idea to avoid these. Then if there are any holes in the under-felt, then repair either with acrylic tape or with more under-felt in accordance with what type (rubber or traditional) is already there.

If you have a garden, conventional wisdom states that a scarecrow is a good way to stop pigeons from becoming frequent visitors. However, the modern urban pigeon is a fearless pest and will not be dissuaded by a stick topped with clothing in the ground. If you want to deter these birds in this manner, then we would suggest creating some kind of moving scarecrow, which should be very effective at scaring them away.

Sonic repellents are a clean, green and modern way to stop pigeons from coming anywhere near your property. These clever devices put out a noise that both below the normal frequency of the human ear and is unpleasant to all manner of creatures. Don’t think that these pest control devices cost the earth either.

Finally, pigeons will always be around and they will always like to rest on roofs or in gardens sometimes just to rest or feed. Just because they’re about, doesn’t mean that they’re causing problems, unless you find your house, car or garden damaged by them or your droppings it can be sometimes best to adopt an attitude of live and let live.


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