How to turn your garage into a gym

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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

A garage, depending on how you use it, is a very useful space to utilise on your property.

For far too long, people have been looking at garages for the sole purpose of storing your car, motorbikes and other objects that aren’t in constant use within your family or home. When in fact, only 20% of garages contain a car regularly.


You can make your garage into a space that is much more useful to you and your family, especially in an economic climate where it is no longer an easy option to just up-size to a bigger house when the demand for space has increased, converting your garage has become a favourable option.

The growth of garage conversions has been made apparent to garage conversion companies all over England, such as MPK Lofts who are helping more homeowners to convert their garage space.

Popular conversions for your garage include office space, a new bedroom, a bigger kitchen and now many homeowners are looking to convert their garage into a home gym.

In a health conscious society many of us are seduced into the idea of getting into shape. But if a commute to an overcrowded, machine occupied and some what hygienic atmosphere within a gym is not for you, then you can opt to create your very own gym just a stones throw away.

Declutter and rehome the existing objects in your garage

First and foremost, you need to rehome the existing clutter that is taking up space within your garage to ensure you’ve got sufficient space for your gym equipment wether it’s a multi gym workstation or space for your dumbbells tower.

For most people, garages are used to store bicycles and other household items that are not used regularly. These can otherwise be relocated to nearby storage centres.

What processes are involved in the garage conversion?

A garage conversion is a quick process and when carried out by skilled professionals you can achieve a bespoke and high end finish.

Firstly, the big garage door is removed and replaced with brickwork that matches the existing exterior of your house so that it blends in.

Heating, lighting and plumbing is then properly implemented alongside with any plastering and flooring work that needs to be done.

It’s not as expensive as you may think

Although there is a pricey tag on most gym equipment, you can achieve the same level of fitness with just a few items.

It all of course depends on what you want to achieve. If you are looking to lose weight and get cardiovascularly fit, then a treadmill and a rowing machine amongst a gym mat and an exercise ball will suffice.

Alternatively, if you are looking to gain muscle out of using your gym, then a bench and a barbell weight amongst a few dumbbells will work perfectly.

In proven fact, people who have a home gym are in better shape than those who attend a commercial gym. This is because those with a home gym purchase products and do training exercises that are specific to them and therefore focus on their fitness goals.

Not sure about turning your garage into a gym? Don’t worry. Check out our top garage conversion ideas and find something to suit you.


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