How to reward the employees of your home business

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How to Reward the Employees of Your Home Business

In a world that has increasingly embraced remote working, recognising and rewarding your team’s hard work can seem more complex than it once was. However, it’s as crucial as ever. This article will delve into practical and creative methods to reward the employees of your remote business.

Subtleties of Remote Recognition

Unlike in a traditional office setting, where a pat on the back or a simple handshake might suffice, remote recognition requires a more creative approach. Gone are the days when employees would hang around the water cooler, sharing their achievements. However, the digital world offers a plethora of opportunities to give a virtual pat on the back. Whether you offer them a free subscription to a service they love, or surprise them with something out of the blue like New York ice hockey tickets, rewards can take many forms, each tailored to the recipient’s interests.

Personalisation is Key

Taking the time to understand what motivates each employee is crucial for personalising rewards. Not everyone will be excited by the same things. Some might prefer a day off, while others could appreciate attending a professional development course. The key is to understand what will make them feel recognised and appreciated. A quick survey or informal chat can help you discover what type of reward will resonate with each team member.

Introducing Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Building a culture of peer-to-peer recognition is an effective strategy for promoting collaboration and boosting morale. One option could be a digital kudos board, where employees can publicly recognise their colleagues’ achievements. This not only makes the recognised individual feel appreciated but also fosters a more positive and supportive company culture.

Utilising Virtual Celebrations

In a physical office, there are birthdays, work anniversaries, and holiday parties to bring the team together. The same should be true in a remote setting. Don’t shy away from throwing a virtual party. It could be as simple as a game night or a movie streaming party. Or, even a surprise delivery of a gourmet meal or hamper to the employee’s doorstep just in time for the celebration. These gestures go a long way in making employees feel valued and included.

Implementing Professional Development Rewards

Another excellent way to show appreciation is by investing in your employees’ growth. Offering them opportunities for professional development not only rewards them but also benefits the company. Consider rewarding high-performing employees with free access to industry-related workshops, online courses, or webinars.

Flexibility is a Reward

Finally, one of the greatest rewards for remote employees is flexibility. This doesn’t always mean choosing their working hours (although that can be part of it). It could also mean allowing them autonomy over their projects or even giving them the option to switch roles or try different tasks. Flexibility shows trust and respect, and these are fundamental in making employees feel valued and content.

Rewarding remote employees requires creativity, personalisation, and a strong understanding of what motivates your team. Whether it’s peer-to-peer recognition, virtual celebrations, professional development opportunities, or simply flexibility in their work, there are numerous ways to show your employees they are valued. The key is to ensure these rewards are tailored to the individual, reinforcing the notion that everyone is unique, and their contributions are truly appreciated.


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