Benefits of home postal scales

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Benefits of Home Postal Scales

Whether you’re running a small or large e-commerce shop, it’s important to get the cost of postage right, otherwise, you’ll find yourself overpaying (if postage is included in the price), holding up a customer’s delivery or overcharging your customers. This could be the difference between a sale and no sale, and lead to some bad reviews!

So to make sure you get an accurate parcel weight reading, it’s vital you have the right equipment to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for – this will keep overheads low and make delivery prices look more appealing to customers. With this in mind, read on to find out the benefits of home postal scales.

Benefits of Home Postal Scales

  • Saves time – it can be tempting to pay too much for postage to just ensure that your parcel is delivered on time rather than underpaying and having to deal with the consequences of an undelivered parcel and a disappointed customer. However, with the right home postal scales, you needn’t overpay, underpay or worry about your customer returning an item or paying the excess on the postage to a late delivery that you ‘included into the price’.
  • Saves money – overpaying for postage might not seem a lot if you’re going to the post office infrequently but over time, this extra cost will add up. Cost, as the seller, is something you want to reduce, in order to make a better profit. So whether you’re starting out or shipping multiple items every day – your home postal scales will pay you back in no time.
  • Helps you to choose the correct mail class – after you’ve weighed your item, it’ll be much easier to decide between first and second class. Choosing first class will be more expensive but will offer a speedier delivery – so it completely depends on the items you’re shipping.
  • No more post office visits – weighing postage at home means that you needn’t wait in line at the post office to use their scales. Instead, you can package your item, create its shipping label and organise your chosen courier to pick it up without having to lug it down to your nearest post office.
  • Maintain a prepaid postage account – some couriers will offer prepaid postage accounts, which is where your digital scales can help! Once you know the weight of your items, they can be inputted into the system and from there, you needn’t worry about keeping track of multiple shipping receipts as your prepaid postage account will do that for you.

Essential Postage Scale tips for Home Online Businesses 

  • Purchase a set of accurate parcel weighing scales – this is a one-off purchase that’ll pay itself back and make your life easier in the long run.
  • Use several different courier services to feel out for which one best fits your business model. Depending on how large your online business is, you might want to set up a business account with your chosen courier company, as there are some extra benefits you can reap from this.
  • Pack your sold items into the smallest packaging possible, this will not only keep costs down low but will also protect your item better as there’s less room to move around (particularly important when it comes to fragile items).
  • Wrap fragile items with enough padding to ensure it arrives in one piece.
  • Ensure you have a surplus of boxes, tape, padding, envelopes to hand at all times to ensure timely shipping.
  • Where possible, buy packaging in bulk – it’s cheaper.

Finding the right Postal Scales for your Home Business

Want to find the right weighing scales for your needs? Contact Weightron. We provide a wide range of weighing scales to streamline the processes in a number of industries – so let us help you too. Our compact and portable scales are all reliable and user-friendly, so you really can’t go wrong. 


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