Becoming an airbnb host: everything you need to know

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Becoming an Airbnb Host: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering letting out your additional property to guests on Airbnb? If you have a second home that is not currently being used, hosting through Airbnb could be a fantastic opportunity. With new data suggesting that hosting on Airbnb could work out the same as two months’ additional salary, the benefits are clear: but where’s the best place to start?

In our handy guide below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about being a great Airbnb host. Whether you’re only just thinking about it or you’re looking to improve your game, don’t miss out on our top tips.

How much work is involved as an Airbnb host?

One of the most frequent queries from individuals considering opening up an Airbnb is about how much work it will be – and how difficult it might be to attract the right guests. 

Each host is different, and while some prefer to be involved and welcome guests on arrival, others might not even live in the same area as their Airbnb property. If you’d prefer to only host part-time, you could take inspiration from Glastonbury homeowners letting out on Airbnb to festivalgoers, with prices of some local listings soaring by over 220%.

Do Airbnb hosts need landlord insurance?

However laissez-faire (or not) you’d prefer to be around your new letting, the most sensible option is to obtain specialist landlord insurance covering all your needs as a host. Airbnb rentals won’t be covered by standard home insurance, so getting the right insurance should protect your stay from accidental and malicious damage, plus theft and public liability. 

Which type of check-in is best?

Depending on the proximity of your holiday let to your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in the area when your guests arrive. The self check-in, either through a keycode lock box or keycode access, gives both you and your guests ultimate flexibility around arrival. Plus, a keyless entry system means you’ll never have to chase up or replace lost keys.

Is it worth hiring a cleaner?

If you have guests regularly staying at your letting, it’s crucial to turn the space around and leave it spotlessly clean before each new guest arrives. Along with removing any evidence of dirt and dust in the bedrooms and living areas, it’s equally important to leave the bathrooms and kitchen looking pristine. 

What makes a good Airbnb host?


Always respond to your guests as soon as you possibly can, preferably within a few hours of receiving a notification. This will reflect positively on your Airbnb ranking too.


Hosts should always be prepared for last-minute changes to arrival time and guest party sizes. You must respond to all requests and adjustments with a polite, professional, and helpful approach.

Allowing instant bookings

This makes it easier for guests to book and means that you won’t receive multiple requests before accepting guests, improving the booking experience for both parties. However, disabling instant bookings could be more suitable if you’d prefer to know exactly who’ll be staying beforehand.

If you feel ready to start letting out on Airbnb, you’ll be surprised to see just how many different types of people you’ll meet. You could even provide authentic, local experiences, such as art, dance, or cooking classes. No matter what type of place you have, you’ll be at home in the Airbnb community.


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