Funny street names in the uk: do they add value?

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Funny Street Names in the UK: Do They Add Value?

So you are looking for your new home, you have found an area you love, it has everything, a brilliant school, lots of green space and beautiful homes, there’s just one thing, it has a naughty street name!

Some potential buyers might be a little wary of a rude or strange street name, after all, how often do we need to quote our address to companies and visitors! Interestingly an unusual street name can affect how much your property is worth and often in a good way. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much your property could be worth if the street name is a little out there.

You never know what someone is willing to pay and you could be sat on a little gold mine of a street name. Check out our favourite, funny and unusual street names below.

Butts Road, Walsall

Appearing over 150 times in the UK, Butt as part of a street name can add on average £36k to property value in that street, that’s no bum deal!

Jackass Lane, Midlands

Popular in London and the south-east, houses in a street that include the American insult in the name sell for on average £870k

Bogshole Lane, Herne Bay

This one makes us giggle, we can’t quite place why, Herne bay estate agents love to get this one on their books though with house prices averaging around £315k here, £4,000 more than in the immediate area.

Pleasure Pit Road – Ashted

With properties in this road completing at around £1,280,00 almost 40% higher than properties in the same postcode, it’s a no brainer that this street name must add value to its properties.

Frying Pan Alley

Frying Pan Alley in Spitalfields, London did make us laugh. Naturally it’s London so the value of properties is massive. I doubt when you see the £ sounds you’ll be left with egg on your face.

Love Lane – Canterbury

Whilst this isn’t a rude street name it is one of the most value-adding names for property, especially in the Southeast of England, average house prices in this beautifully named lane are valued at £104k more than surrounding properties.

Unusual street names can be a great way to add value for people looking to purchase a property. If you are thinking about buying or selling your home, consider checking out the street name value, you never know, there may be a great benefit that comes with the address.

Naturally whether you’re selling or buying a property you’ll need to reach out to local estate agents, maybe a lender for your mortgage and even a solicitor for all the legal stuff. 


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