The importance of having a working smoke detector in your home

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The Importance of Having a Working Smoke Detector in Your Home

It is all too easy to forget about the harm that fire can cause, but by not having a smoke detector or fire alarm installed in a home, you could be gambling with the lives of both your loved ones and yourself. Even those that do have alarms and detectors installed can often forget to maintain them to keep them working.

If a fire does ever occur at your home, alarms can greatly enhance your chances of surviving by alerting you and helping you escape in time. Domestic smoke detectors are affordable too, but the difference that they make can be priceless.

Be Equipped With the Best Smoke Detectors

It’s always a good idea to invest in several smoke alarms rather than simply one or two. You should install at least one alarm for every floor of your property, and it’s often recommended that alarms are fitted in bedrooms too, in case those that sleep with the door shut can’t hear your alarms from inside their rooms.

You should always read the instructions that come with your smoke detector to ensure that you are installing it properly and maintaining it when required. The alarms need to be tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly, usually once a month if not more often.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Batteries should never be taken out of smoke detectors unless they have stopped working. It can be all too easy to remove them temporarily if a battery is needed for something else before forgetting to put them back in, so it’s never wise to take the risk.

You never know when a fire might surface so alarms need to be functioning constantly. It’s always a good idea to draw up a plan in case the worst does happen too. Ensure that everyone in your residence or on your business premises knows which steps to take if a fire does occur.

This includes children too if possible, especially those who might be likely to simply hide rather than escape. You should choose a location near to your home but too far away from it to meet in the event of a fire.

The Need for Business and Domestic Smoke Alarms

A fire has the power to change lives completely in a few minutes. What people often forget is that as well as the obvious harm that can be caused by a fire such as burning; there are also lethal components such carbon monoxide to worry about too.

There are many different kinds of fire alarms and smoke alarms available but it’s widely agreed that dual smoke alarms are perhaps the most reliable. This is because they have the ability to detect both flaming and smouldering fires. Smouldering fires can be hard to detect as they burn without any flames being involved.

They can in fact burn away without anyone noticing until it is too late. Smoke detectors have been responsible for saving thousands, or perhaps even millions of lives over the world, and no building can afford to be without one. Any home or premises that doesn’t include a smoke detector should be equipped with one at the earliest opportunity.

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