Advice on how to avoid fires in the home

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Advice On How To Avoid Fires In The Home

Accidental house fires can be devastating for families and to prevent this from happening to your home, we would like to offer some free advice that can help protect you and others inside your property. The majority of fires in a house or flat happen during winter because of the cold and lack of light, so be extra vigilant at that time of year. Listen to our advice always be aware of any potential fire hazards. With common sense and basic checks, you can ensure that your home has the right kind of fire protection. A lot of our tips are simple but easily forgotten, with the main cause of house fires coming from every day occurrences.


Smoking Kills

An infamous fire starter in the home, smoking kills more people from home fires fires than any other cause. For this reason, we encourage cigarette smoking to be done outside in a safe environment, stopping any lit ash or flame from dropping onto a flammable material in the home. As well as causing a bad smell, smoking inside is extremely dangerous and if you have to do it inside then make sure that the cigarette is 100% extinguished and disposed of properly.  Put it in water before you get rid of it to make sure, as they can be deceivingly still lit even when you think you have done all you can to put it out.

Fire & Smoke Alarms

If you do not have a properly working smoke alarm then you are three times more likely to die in a house fire. In fact, 37% of home fires were absent of a working smoke alarm. This is why it is encouraged to check the batteries of your alarms annually and take a few seconds out of your day to test them at least once a month.  It is one of the simplest parts of fire safety that is often missed and can cut the risk of a fire fatality. If you do not currently own a fire or smoke alarm then we highly recommend that you purchase one for your property, or even hire a professional to carry out a regulated fire risk assessment on your property.

Flames from Candles

The flame of a candle can easily catch onto nearby material and start an aggressive fire, especially if they have been left there when leaving the area. Ensure that they have been put right out before exiting a room or if you plan to go to bed.  Even the smallest candle can cause a big fire and this is why we encourage you to keep them always from windows or doors to prevent a draught from blowing them onto curtain, or any other flammable fabrics or paper.


Kitchen fires are responsible for over 50% of fires in the home and this is due to hobs being unattended for periods of time or over-oiled pans on the hob that with a high temperature. These are just two of the reasons why cooking can start a fire to flammable materials within the kitchen.  This is why it is important to regularly attend any cooking being done on a gas hob. Any children occupying the home should also be kept well away from any hot oiled pans and never left alone in the kitchen whilst a hob is on.

Getting A Fire Assessments

If you’re still concerned about house fires or are a landlord looking to mitigate the likelihood of a house fire you could consider a fire risk assessment for the property. You can, discover¬†who is responsible for completing a fire risk assessment in this article, if you’re still unsure speak to a professional who can advise you.


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