Simple ways to be more energy-efficient at home

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Simple ways to be more energy-efficient at home

Climate change, mounting energy bills and overworked home appliances are just a few of the reasons why you need to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Many people don’t even consider the savings to be had, and the good they could do by slightly altering their daily habits and home interior choices. Here we will explore some simple ways to be more energy-efficient at home, saving you money in the long run, whilst helping the planet…

LED Lighting

First up on the list is lighting. LED bulbs come with a plethora of benefits, including the fact that they run on very little energy. They also last an incredibly long time and are, all in all, extremely good value for money in comparison to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs – LEDs can last up to 6 times the length! Check out these LED GU10 Bulbs for some home inspiration – they come in various options and you can select what colour temperature bulbs you want, to really add a personal touch and create the ambience you desire. 


Heating up or cooling down your home throughout the seasons can be one of the larger expenses you have to deal with annually. However, there are simple ways to control your temperature without immediately reaching for the heating system or fan. 

In the colder months, wrap up warm, block off any drafts in your home (particularly under doors), open the curtains to let the sun rays in during the day, consider double glazing… And then, when it is hotter, you can cool yourself down with icy drinks (always stay hydrated), wear light cotton clothing, open your windows or get outdoors (in the shade), swap your duvet for a light cotton sheet, and so on. Do what works for you but try out different methods of temperature control before immediately relying on technology to do all the work.

Create positive habits

When you exit a room don’t leave anything on that doesn’t need to be – we’re talking about lights, the TV, taps, the radio… you get the idea. If it isn’t serving a purpose when you are not in the room with it, then there is no reason for it to be left switched on, as this not only wears your electronics and appliances out over time but it is wasteful and costly. Even leaving chargers plugged in when they are out of use can unnecessarily eat up energy. Be mindful – hit the switch, and make sure the rest of your family are doing the same. 

Recycling, or even upcycling, is another positive routine or hobby to get into, as it means you are doing your bit, being as eco-friendly as possible. 

Walk wherever possible! Do not drive for short distances – or, if you must take a vehicle, consider public transport. 

Although these may seem like small changes, if everybody did the same it would have a hugely beneficial impact on the environment.

These are just a few different ideas to help you to become more energy-efficient at home. If you continue to make mindful choices in your daily life then you can live safe in the knowledge that you are saving energy, money and ultimately helping the environment.


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