Creating the perfect playroom

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Creating The Perfect Playroom

Every parent will know the constant struggle between keeping the kids occupied and entertained, with the need to keep the house tidy and livable. The ideal solution to this struggle is to have a dedicated playroom, a space in which the kids can play happily and safely with their toys but without having everything strewn across the house for you to pick up.

While this might seem impossible if you have no extra room in your property, a loft conversion or extension is the ideal way to improve the value of your home and create a playroom which the kids will love. With this in mind, here are our top tips for creating the perfect playroom.


One of the biggest pulls for a playroom is the floorspace. You need to ensure that your children will have plenty of room to spread out their things to play. The more room you can give them the better. 

Floorspace is also ideal if your children have playmats and it can help them to get creative with their games. Board games also work much better if you can spread out on the floor and expand the space.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Kids accumulate a lot of toys and other possessions, for this reason it’s imperative that you give yourself enough storage space. The idea of the playroom is for the kids to have their fun in their own space, but you’ll still want to keep the place tidy when they’re not in there, so ensure you have shelves, toy boxes and possibly a cupboard in which you can lock craft items – keeping the kids safe until you are present to supervise any craft time.

Chalkboard Wall

One huge headache for parents is when the kids get hold of pens, paints and crayons and decide that the walls are a brilliant blank canvas for their next masterpiece. By installing a chalkboard wall in your playroom you can give the kids somewhere to hone their artistry without worrying about them ruining the rest of your home. Just make sure you have plenty of chalk handy and a cloth to wipe the board down when it needs refreshing.

Comfy Zones

Kids love to have their own area to play, but it’s also worth giving them somewhere they can sit and relax. Soft, comfy areas will make it a pleasant place for them to be and it also means they can have an area which encourages them to sit and read books. Maybe let them choose their own piece of furniture to have in the room, such as a bean-bag or a soft chair. If you have enough budget to play with then a fun, child-friendly flooring option could really put a stamp on the room – alternatively, a laminate or vinyl floor will make any messy spillages of paint, juice or anything else, easy to clean up.


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