Creating a relaxing bedroom atmosphere

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Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere

After dealing with the stress of traffic, deadlines, soccer practice, dinner and bills, you deserve a restful bedroom where you can lay your head at night! High energy lifestyles with a lot of stress require a tranquil space for sleep and rejuvenation. Creating a relaxing bedroom is a great way to ensure a restful sleep so you can wake up and feel recharged in the morning. Take a look at these easy tips on creating a blissful bedroom.

Colours in the Bedroom

Colour choice is important when designing a relaxing atmosphere. Neutral colors are the best option for a restful bedroom space. Intense colours like red, orange, or even bold blue and green provide too much visual stimulation after a stressful day. Decorating with light, calming colours will help you feel more at ease and allow you to rest easily. Consider working with cream, beige, soft blues or greens. Use colours found in tranquil nature scenes for a calming visual experience.


Mattresses and bedding are the most important element of the bedroom. Not only is this the spot where you finally lay your head, but it is the focus of the room from a design perspective. Make sure your bedding coordinates with your choice of wall colour. It’s also a good idea to incorporate different textures in with your bedding to give the room some additional dimension, making it seem very cozy. Fluffy throw pillows, fuzzy blankets, and plush faux fur throws will make the bed seem inviting.


Bring in the natural sights, smells, and sounds of nature to your bedroom. Consider integrating a plant or two into your bedroom décor. Plants are natural humidifiers and can help soften the air, making the room more comfortable. A lavender plant in the bedroom not only helps humidify the air, but it also lightly perfumes the air with it’s lovely scent. Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy to help with relaxation. Why not keep some in the bedroom? Finally, a noise machine that plays soft sounds or nature sounds like rain, waves, or soft thunder can also help set a relaxing mood in the bedroom.


Lighting may not seem like a big consideration in a room where you spend most of your time sleeping, however it can make all the difference. Natural lighting is best, so let the sun shine in. Nothing is better than reading the paper in bed on a Sunday in the morning sunlight. Make sure you invest in some quality shades to draw tight if you plan on sleeping in! It’s also a good idea to get a small reading light for before bed. This way you can keep the overhead light off and you won’t have to get in and out of bed!


Lastly, your bedroom decor is important. You don’t want to have so many things to look at in the bedroom. A few decorative items should do the job. Aim to keep most surfaces cleared off, as this will make the room appear neat. Clutter only increases anxiety. Hang artwork on your walls that makes you feel relaxed. Think soft watercolours or impressionist landscapes. These should help you feel at ease after a tough day at work.


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