Choosing the right bathroom suite for smaller bathrooms

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Choosing The Right Bathroom Suite For Smaller Bathrooms

Ideally we would all love to have a huge bathroom, which allows us the space to incorporate the bathroom suite of our dreams, with a spacious bath and maybe even double sinks.  However, the reality is that many of us do not have bathrooms that are large enough to afford such luxury.  In such circumstances it is important to maximise the space that is available.  Of course, overcrowding the room with furniture can leave things feeling cramped, resulting in an oppressive vibe.  Here we consider how choosing the right bathroom suite can go a long way to creating the perfect bathroom when you have limited space.


The Right Bath

The bathtub is the one item of your bathroom suite that you will get most enjoyment from.  As such you want to be able to stretch out whilst you have a soak and let the bath sooth your troubles away.  This probably isn’t going to be possible if you have had to go for a compact model, which tend to measure just 1500mm.  Standard baths measure 1700mm x 700mm, with the extra length affording the user that bit of comfort.  If you don’t have enough space to incorporate a longer model then you should consider installing a less conventional shaped bathtub.

Your first option here is to go for a slightly wider model.  You will be surprised at how much more room your will have by increasing the width by 100 – 200mm, which allows the bather to lie in a more diagonal position.  If you don’t have enough room to compensate for the extra width then you may want to consider a corner bath.  Models are available in a variety of sizes, with different lengths along each side.  It is even possible to source a square model, should such a bathtub make best use of your available space.

You final option is to go for a short, yet deeper than normal bath.  Whilst you might not be able to fully stretch out in the tub; the extra depth will mean that you can submerge most of your body.  You may wish to consider a model that has a sloped top end so that you can still lie back as you relax, as opposed to being sat upright.

A Striking Sink

Whilst the bath is the key bathroom suite item in terms of your pleasure; it is actually the sink that acts as the focal point of the room. So how can you ensure that it has the desired aesthetical impact when you do not have enough room for a large ornate basin that would take up too much wall space? One good option is to go for a narrow floating sink, with the pipe work hidden behind the wall tiles. The absence of a pedestal will mean less clutter and provide a more open impression.

In the event that you need to utilise the space underneath the sink for storage then you could opt for a vanity unit; achieving nice visuals and practicality. Even a small and basic sink that has been sunk into the vanity unit will look fantastic. Alternatively you could choose to sit the sink on top of the vanity unit. Such an approach gives you the freedom to select a more sumptuous sink design, with funnel shaped models being a popular choice. Not only do they have the capacity to hold a decent amount of water; they will also look great without taking up to much surface space.

Toilet Options

When it comes to the toilet there isn’t really much you can do in terms of saving space. Obviously you should position it appropriately, whilst making sure that you allow enough room for it to be used comfortably. In a visual sense you can achieve a spacious feel by way of a floating toilet, where the cistern is hidden behind the wall.

An Alternative Approach

In the event that you can’t find a suitable tub to suit the shape of your bathroom, it may be time to consider a different approach. Removing the bathtub completely and opting for a walk-in shower can transform the feel of the room. Whereas installing a bath might leave the bathroom feeling cramped, a shower enclosure of the same dimensions can actually make the room look and feel much more open. The question is; are you prepared to sacrifice your bathtub in order to achieve that goal?


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