Can vinyl flooring be the change you’re looking for?

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Can Vinyl Flooring be the Change You’re Looking For?

Whenever you get the idea of sprucing up the home, the things that you look for are comfort, convenience, and durability.

Often, we take the approach of starting from the ground up. This is why many people choose Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as an option that fills all of the requirements and layers a few more added benefits on top.


Top of the checklist when it comes to what is offered is vinyl’s durable design that can withstand much more abuse than other flooring options can handle.

Vinyl is perfect for those who shift furniture around for their feng shui. Anti-scratch layering means that there won’t be a need to cover up areas of your floor to hide any scuff or scratch.

Should you encounter such an instance where it is a deep scratch, both tiles and planks are cheap to replace and easy to install, meaning you won’t be breaking the bank should a major accident happen.

Eclectic Range

Design plays a big part in the choice of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Whether you prefer light or dark woods or opt towards a stone style within your home, Luvanto presents hundreds of patterns, palettes and designs that make those rooms feel much more homely. If you are the type of person who prefers furniture to match or a stylish blend of fixtures to give a more modern feel, vinyl flooring is the interior designers number one choice to highlight the home.

Thanks to vinyl being a cheaper alternative over the real thing, vinyl is definitely a product that can provide a professional look with the minimum of expenditure.

Install, Maintain and Enjoy

Despite the look and the price, what are the real benefits when it comes to vinyl within the home?

Firstly, you don’t necessarily need to shell out on the hiring of a professional to install as it is a relatively easy process; giving those who love to fix up their home a fun side project to spend time on. With either the option of gluing down tiles or clicking together planks, vinyl provides a combination of ease and effort to get your floor the way you want it.

Ensuring the floor retains its perfect look is the simplest exercise. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring and Luvanto Endure Pro is manufactured with anti-stain and moisture resistant properties. You are provided with a much higher assurance that any accidents can be easily treated with warm soapy water and a mop without the fear of water seeping through the flooring, thanks to being 100% waterproof.

So when you look at changing your home and having a sense of ease in your life, it’s worth looking into Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring #for an easy way of living at home.


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