Benefits of choosing ready mix concrete for your next diy project

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Benefits Of Choosing Ready Mix Concrete For Your Next DIY Project

Ready mix concrete is arguably the most versatile and popular form of concrete available. Mixed in a batching plant then transported to the worksite in a mixer, it comes ready to pour as soon as it reaches your premises. But what’s so impressive about ready mix concrete, and what benefits does it hold over others?


Precision Mixed

Because the concrete is mixed at the concrete batching plant, your concrete will be precisely mixed no matter the volume or ratio. Mixes are handled through computer batching systems to ensure that your mix is measured as accurately as possible – following your required specifications to the letter.

Greater Control

The enclosed, controlled mixing environment of a batching plant means your ready mix concrete will be quality controlled to the strictest possible standards. That means far fewer chances for defects or unwanted materials, and a greater quality of concrete once the mix is complete.

Ready to use

Alternatives such as volumetric and on-site mixed concrete certainly have their place, but ready mix is preferred for jobs in need of fast turnaround – and for worksites that might not have much space.

Mixing the concrete once it gets to your site means dedicating more time and space to construction machinery, and if you’re on a tight schedule, the convenience of ready mix concrete is invaluable; the mix will be ready to pour as soon as it reaches you, so there’s no worry about determining ratios and volume in the middle of the job. Ready mix lets you plan ahead and avoid delays, what could be more useful?

More economical

In terms of labour and manufacturing costs, ready mix concrete is by far the most economical concrete relative to its quality. Choosing ready mix means no need to store materials on site, no extra labour required to transport or mix concrete after it’s been delivered, and there’s no wastage either – so you’re only ever paying for the concrete you use.

Better for the environment

Due to the manufacturing process, ready mix concrete is the most energy-efficient concrete available – so if you’re concerned about being environmentally friendly, then this will be a benefit to you. Producing ready mix concrete inside a batching plant is far less energy and resource intensive.

Wastage is also minimised thanks to the precise mixing methods employed. This, and the lack of dust pollution that comes with bagged concrete, makes ready mix more efficient for workers, customers and manufacturers.

Versatile mixing capabilities

Because ready mix is so fast and efficient, you might think you’d have to compromise on the strength, type or quality of your mix. Well, think again! When you’re ordering ready mix concrete, you can specify what mix you need and for what application.

If you have an idea of ratio, or how strong you need your concrete, just relay it to your supplier and they’ll cook up a batch that meets your requirements. If you need some guidance, just discuss your project with the supplier and they’ll be able to help you find the perfect mix for your needs.

You can also request additives for the mix if you need extra characteristics put into your concrete. Added strength, porosity, workability – there are a range of additives you can select for your ready mix concrete, meaning whatever the application or quantity, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Ready mix and The Concrete Network

If you need fast, cost-effective delivery of quality ready mix concrete, get in touch with The Concrete Network today. As the UK’s largest network of independent concrete suppliers, we can source local ready mix concrete and arrange for prompt delivery to your premises at a time to suit you. Whatever mix, whatever quantity, wherever you are in the UK, The Concrete Network is always happy to help.


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