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Blind Safety for the Home

Blind safety has never been more prevalent. A number of young children have been seriously injured or killed by blind cords in recent years, and as a result, some of the leading organisations in accident prevention and the safeguarding of children, as well as those involved in the regulation of the blinds industry, have taken steps to ensure the safety of all inhabitants of premises utilising blinds – including children and pets.

Blinds are used in almost any property, including homes, schools and public buildings, and, as many are operated by looped cords and chains, they can pose a significant threat to children. As such, there are a number of steps that must be taken to reduce the accessibility of the cords and chains, keeping them out of the way of any children without impeding the operation of the blind.

Out of Reach

Whatever type of blind you own, and whether you’ve had it for a few years or it’s brand new, all operating cords and chains should be kept well out of a child’s reach. The higher up they are, the harder it will be for a child to reach them. Of course, it’s essential to bear in mind that children love to climb, so be sure to remove any access they may have to the window.

This means moving all furniture away from the window and blind, including cots, beds and toy chests in the child’s bedroom, along with bookcases, sofas and other furniture in the main rooms in the property.  The more inaccessible the cords are, the safer they are.

Safety Devices

There are a number of safety devices available for use on blinds of varying types, to help keep operating cords out of the sight and reach of children.  Many of the products are extremely simple to use, but are completely effective, and include items such as cleats, chain breaks and chain and cord tidies, among others.

Each of these products can be used on both new and previously installed blinds, as they can be retrofitted. It’s important to ensure that, whatever safety device you choose, it’s securely fixed and always in good working order – as the blind should be. Accidents can and do happen, but it is possible to take steps to minimise their likelihood and frequency.

New Blinds

If you’re looking for new blinds for your home or school, it’s vital that you choose styles that provide the utmost in safety, as well as practicality and ease of use. Those without cords, or which have concealed cords, are extremely effective as the cords are inaccessible, and it’s possible to have these features on any type of blind.

Such blinds are operated by winding gears, wands and springs, among others systems, and inner cords, where needed, are hidden and held under tension, and are fitted with in-built safety devices. It’s also possible to purchase vertical blinds that are held in position by bottom weights, rather than with chains.

And if you feel that blinds aren’t suitable for your property, shutters are a suitable alternative of course, the best way to prevent children from getting into accidents is to supervise them at all times, but as this isn’t always possible, be sure to keep any cords out of the sight and reach of children.

Finding the Right Blind Installers

If you’d like to know more about child-friendly blinds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local blinds fitter. Their knowledge will help when it comes to going through your requirements and recommend the most appropriate blinds and safety features for your home.


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