Bespoke furniture: why would you want it?

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Bespoke Furniture: Why Would You Want It?

First of all let’s define exactly what is meant by the term ‘bespoke furniture’. Bespoke furniture is any furniture item that is custom made and thus, a one off piece. It can be made to the specifications of the customer, both in size and in features given as a brief at the beginning of the manufacturing and design process. Any type of furniture can be made custom meaning bespoke furniture ranges anything from tables and chairs to cabinets, full bathrooms, kitchens and even doors.

The process of furniture suppliers offering bespoke furniture as a purchase option usually involves a number of meetings with the furniture maker and client discussing the design and features to be included with the furniture and ensure the customer gets exactly what they want.

Bespoke furniture is often more costly than prefabricated, ‘off the shelf’ furniture because of this phase however, it is important for the customer and the furniture maker to reach an agreement on the maximum cost of the piece and reaching a conclusive design. Designs may be made directly from a client’s/customer’s own drawings or developed by as many drawings as needed, using CAD or the finest hand-drawing until the exact design for a client is arrived at.

In most cases it is made from high-quality materials, such as hardwoods and some metals. Cheaper materials (plastics for example) are available for making furniture with these materials. Material and colour samples of polishes and other finishes are produced for each piece for approval to ensure that the finished piece is exactly what is required.

One of the advantages of bespoke pieces is the builder’s ability to construct the furniture to specific sizes or shapes. This is useful for homeowners with rooms that have odd angles, nooks, or other spaces in which prefabricated furniture will not fit. The bespoke pieces can also be built to accommodate a person’s height or physical limitations; a person in a wheelchair, for example, may need furniture made at a lower height to make access to tabletops or countertops possible; a very tall person may prefer larger pieces of furniture not available as prefabricated pieces.

It may well be proving impossible to find a piece of ‘off the shelf’ furniture to fit a problem space of difficult room layout to match existing furniture, or to tie in with the period or style. At times you are left with little choice but to assign the work to professionals of bespoke furniture pieces, but commissioning a bespoke piece made to requirements can be the perfect way to address these issues without compromising on quality or design.

Article written by Approved Business, the UK B2B Directory. Experts in bespoke furniture.


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