Balanced flue fires vs. wood fires

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Balanced Flue Fires vs. Wood Fires

Bellfires have been lighting up the home fireplace industry since 1928, providing fireplaces that show attention to detail, flawless design and superior craftsmanship.  They celebrate the authenticity of the open hearth and embrace the warmth and luxury exuded by a genuine fireplace, offering both gas and wood alternatives.

Custom-creation makes every fireplace a masterpiece and a hand finish means a complete commitment to flawless detail with every design. Seamless joins and hand polishing ensure a perfect finish to complete master craftsmanship.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

When it comes to gas fires you have the option of open or closed combustion units for your home living spaces.  Superior features like air control and safety ensure that your fireplace will work as well as it looks good, making it the perfect complement to any home.

You can get the hearty open hearth look of a wood fireplace which operates with the modern efficiency and seamless good looks of a gas model, the best of both worlds and the most comfortable place to find yourself in.

Balanced Flue Fires offer a modern solution to an age-old problem with a number of styles and designs, guaranteed to complement every kind of look.

Whether you need something classic and comfortable or a more modern piece to suit a minimalist, look at the balanced flue fires at Marble Hill Fireplaces, a London Bellfires specialist – you’ll certainly be able to find a perfect balanced flue fireplace in the exact finish and dimensions you need.

Wood Fires

You can get expert guidance on what sized fireplace you’ll need to warm the dimensions of your space and you will get the warm authenticity of a classic fireplace that operates in a more energy efficient manner.

Because perfection needs to be maintained it is recommended that your Bellfires fireplace be serviced once a year, to keep it top condition and operating as efficiently as possible and to make sure you get your desired lifespan.


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