5 upcycling ideas for the home

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5 Upcycling Ideas For The Home

If you’re looking for ways to give your home a vintage look and feel without breaking the bank, try upcycling. Upcycling is the concept of taking old, worn furniture and giving it a new lease of life – whether it’s a new coat of paint or adding new upholstery to make it look amazing again.


Upcycling your home furniture takes minimal effort, but will create a home that will save you a ton of money and make it look adorable. Your friends and family will be completely blown away when they visit and will help your budgeting. What’s more is that you can truly express your own individual characteristics within it. You can add personal designs or icons.

Whether you’re a dab hand at freelance drawing or want to use other people designs. You can find a whole host of different things online and the best bet is to search for SVGs so you can scale the vector graphics to whatever size suits to. Just pick what you want and search, from Unicorn SVGs to nature or cars, whatever you feel represents you, you’ll be able to find. Now for our top upcycling products.

Aviator Stools

You can make imaginative stools from the scrap aluminium sheet metals that are used in helicopters and aeroplanes. These stools are hand-made with some of the rarest materials. You can find the material in any good junk-yard and just take a look on eBay for how these can all come together.

Steamer Trunk Bar

Turn old suitcases and chests into useful storage space by adding wooden shelves, perfect to store your wine and champagne bottles in gorgeous looking way. If these are added in the living room, they really add a unique sense of style. These are cool, and you can try it out.

Folding Desk

Make folding desks from old wooden pallets, you can easily find these laying around in timber yards and once put together, they can really contribute a lot to the overall décor of the home. This idea is perfect for small homes with limited spaces.

Wine Barrel Tables

You can easily upcycle a wine barrel into a funky looking table. In fact, you can make two different kinds of tables with the existing wine barrel in your home. It can be gorgeous and elegant, and your visitors will be more than impressed. You can make a side table, or you can make a bar table in easy ways. The best part is that it is affordable to make these tables, and you will just love it. These would be simple yet will have a rustic charm.

Barstool Desk

You can make a barstool desk easily, without the need to spend much money at all. You will just require two unused bar-stools, easily found in antique shops, and a piece of timber to add on top. Putting it all together is easier than building things with Lego – and the look that it’ll create will blow you away.


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