5 simple ways to flood-proof your home for the winter

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5 Simple Ways to Flood-Proof Your Home for the Winter

Floods cause more damage than any other disaster. Winter is a prime time for them, because a few warm days can produce enough rain or snow melt to start a flood. But there are 5 simple steps you can take to protect your home from winter flooding.

Install a sump pump

A sump pump can pump incoming water out of your home and prevent damage. The sump pump can be either electric or gas-powered. Electric pumps are quieter and don’t need fueling, but you should be careful of them around water. It’s also a good idea to have a backup generator, since the power might go out during a flood. The pump should be installed at a low point in the home, preferably the basement, so the pumped water can drain away.

Flood-Proof Your Basement

The basement is the part of the house most prone to flooding. Seal leaks and cracks in the basement walls and windows. You can also have the basement walls professionally sealed. Install extensions on your downspouts to direct water away from the foundation and keep it out of the basement. Also, clean out your gutters in the fall, so the runoff won’t go down the sides of the house and into the basement.

Create Better Drainage in Your Landscaped Areas

In the fall, when the garden and landscaped areas are done blooming, mix sand and organic matter, such as compost or peat moss, in with the soil. Make sure the peat moss is wet. Never mix in only sand, as this will make the drainage worse. Work the soil, sand and organic matter together until they’re loose and not compacted. Also, gently slope the landscaped areas away from the house to drain water away.

Refit Drains and Pipes

Fit all your drains and water pipes with non-return valves. This will prevent flood water from flowing back from the sewers into sinks and toilets on the ground floor. You can get information on these from the Construction Industry Research Information Association, or CIRIA.

Install a flood/freeze sensor in your home

With an automated sensor, you can receive notice on your computer if moisture levels rise in your home. You can also receive notice remotely on your smartphone. Home security companies such as Vivint home automation can monitor the sensor 24/7.

With these 5 steps, you can avoid the winter flood hassle, and stay high and dry.

If however you’re looking for something a little more robust or prehps commercial properties, contact IBS Engineered Products. As the UK’s leading specialists in Flood Protection Products they handle many different projects from manufacturing and fitting Stoplogs or Penstocks to creating Flood Defences for Buildings.


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