5 great ways to make your fireplace more modern

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5 Great Ways to Make Your Fireplace More Modern

Fireplaces are often one of the main focal points within a living area, making it incredibly important that it looks good and perfectly complements your property, your tastes and the way the rest of the room is decorated.

If your fireplace is old, out-dated or in need of drastic repair, it can really affect the overall visual appeal of your room, and a refurbishment is something which can not only be achieved easily, efficiently and at a cost-effective price, but can also significantly improve the value of your home.

So, if you are looking to give your fireplace a modern facelift, read our top 5 tips below…


Paint it White

If your fireplace is made of traditional red brick, a great tip to drag it into the 21st Century is to simply paint it white! Although a scary thought for most people initially, the finished result is outstanding and promises to transform your room, completely refreshing it and brightening it up.

It also acts as a blank canvas and provides many more options when it comes to choosing paint, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture for the rest of the room.

Install a Tile Surround

When your fireplace needs updating but you don’t want to replace the entire mantelpiece, installing a tile surround could provide a fantastic, cost-effective solution. There are a huge range of options available – from glass mosaic tiles to embossed styles or vintage-inspired tiles – and a tiled surround is sure to completely enhance your fireplace and add a great focal-point to your room.

If you’re brave enough you could even run the tiles from the fireplace to the ceiling for an incredibly contemporary, very dramatic look!

Create a Distressed Finish

Making your beloved fireplace look old is actually – funnily enough – incredibly modern! Wooden fireplaces and mantelpieces being given a distressed finish is incredibly fashionable and the finished result is both unique and very beautiful.

So, if you have a wooden fireplace that looks slightly tired and damaged, there is no need to rip it out. Instead, revamp it with a distressed finish and restore it to the stunning feature it once was.

Incorporate Shelving

Your mantelpiece can double up as a fantastic shelf, and this is not only highly practical but it can also create a brilliantly modern focal point within your room. Whether you use it to display photos, artwork, ornaments or candles is completely up to you – just make sure it does not get too cluttered in order to maintain the clean, bright, contemporary look!

Install a Stone Surround

Built-in surrounds can completely transform your fireplace and a solid piece of stone can dramatically improve its aesthetic appeal, offering a much more modern style and providing a stunning finish.

This up-to-date look provides an elegant and sophisticated backdrop to your room and is a fantastic complement to minimalist design. So why not refurbish your fireplace with a stone surround and create an eye-catching feature within your home?

Sometimes only an expert will do when it comes to refurbishing your fireplace – and this is where the professionals at Enviroflame can help! Whether you want to install a new surround and bring your fireplace up-to-date or undertake a complete renovation and fit a brand new fireplace, we can be of assistance and guarantee exceptional results with outstanding levels of customer service.


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