3 awesome reasons to consider installing a pergola in your backyard

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3 Awesome Reasons to Consider Installing a Pergola in Your Backyard

There’s a huge movement to create really nice spaces in our homes. Things like home cinemas and entertainment systems and the rise of streaming entertainment services mean that we have more reason than ever to stay at home. This is spilling over into other areas of the home too and the backyard is one of those areas where the focus is being put on improving the area. Particularly as summer rolls in, we’re going to be spending more time outdoors, so why not improve the backyard with a pergola?


They’ll Extend Your Living Space

Naturally, you’re going to get a lot more use from a pergola than just a bit of shade. Your garden and patio furniture will all live under it and you’ll find yourself spending more time outside in any weather, especially if you install a terrace roof too. The pergola is the perfect quick and cost-effective way of extending your living space beyond the boundaries of your house walls and the perfect spot for a barbecue and some nice, comfortable seating or recliners to spend those warm summer days.

They Add an Unmatched Entertainment Area

Let your inner host flag fly by installing the absolute ultimate outdoor backyard entertainment area. After all, the pergola isn’t just about pure function. By day it might be an excellent source of shade and reprieve from the hot sun but by night it will turn itself into the most amazing entertainment area for your friends and guests. That’s because it’ll hold your lighting – whether ceiling lighting or light strings and rope lights to fans and other entertainment area essentials. You could mount some speakers on the pergola too for those evenings where a bit of music won’t go amiss. You can really let your imagination run wild as to what you can do with the space that a pergola will open up to you.

There Are Infinite Design Choices

You can build a pergola out of a good number of things. Wood remains a popular choice, with pressured treated and cedar woods the most common options, but other materials are certainly gaining in popularity and for good reason. They wear better and can often be cheaper to build with. It’s not uncommon to see aluminium or fibreglass pergolas either, both offering unique stylistic options.

The roof of the pergola offers a good number of choices, and one of the most durable and beautiful is aluminium. Check out the range of aluminium pergolas from Nationwide Ltd. These functional and stylish solutions are secure roofs that look great and keep your pergola secure, so you can get many years of enjoyment out of it.

If you find yourself wanting an area in which to entertain in your home, or you love a good barbecue with the family in the backyard, the humble pergola is a must-have. They don’t cost a fortune to build or install and are not complex structures, so you won’t be busy installing them for months on end either. Once your pergola is built and you’re relaxing under it on a comfortable chair with a good book, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install one years ago!


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