20 tips to create a modern scandinavian interior

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20 Tips To Create A Modern Scandinavian Interior

Living in a modern home is an incredible experience. The Scandinavian style has been popularised by the minimalist design and the use of natural materials. When it comes to creating a traditional interior, there are many decisions that need to be made from furniture, colour palette, and décor. In this article we will share 20 tips for creating a modern Scandinavian interior.

What Is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior design is a term used to describe the current style of decorating and furnishing. There are many variations of this way, but most people think about white walls with light wood furniture that opens up the room.

This style has become popular for people looking to create a sense of openness and simplicity. Modern homes tend to be larger and Scandinavian interior design is a perfect fit for these types of homes.

Colour Scheme

Monochrome is the most popular option for this style of design. The monochrome palettes are typically composed of white, grey and black materials.

White is a great choice to paint your walls because it creates an illusion that extends the space while making smaller rooms appear larger in size. You can also use off-white or cream colours depending on how light you want your room to be.

Darker colours should only be used as accents within other items like pillows, rugs or art pieces. They will help create contrast but make sure they do not overpower any furniture piece or wall colour.

Zonal Areas

Scandinavian interiors as a rule work best with open plan living, however this does not mean that there is no place for different zones.

This style of design works best when you have a kitchen and dining area as part of your open plan living space. The idea behind it is to create an area where the entire family can spend time together whether they are eating or cooking.

You will also want to include one or two seating areas depending on how many people live in your home. These should be comfortable spaces with floor cushions, armchairs and pouffes to help relax after a long day at work.

You can create zonal areas by using screens or rugs to separate different areas. For example, you can use a screen between the kitchen and dining area so that it feels like two separate rooms when needed.

Use Raw Materials

In Scandinavian interior design it is best to use natural materials. These will help create a more organic and less artificial look overall.

The most common materials for this style of decorating are wood, stone and metal. They can be used in almost any room from the living area to bedroom or bathroom.

Wood is perfect if you want your home to have a warm feeling while keeping with an overall minimalist theme. Wooden tables, flooring, chairs and stools are all great ways to add into your design scheme without going overboard on colour choices.

Wood flooring is the easiest way to add this material into your home. It creates a sense of warmth and can be easily combined with other features like rugs or wall art.

If you want an even more organic feel, then stone is also a great choice for flooring in Scandinavia style homes. Natural stones such as marble are perfect if you want something luxurious while still looking minimalist.

Metal materials are best used on walls because they are reflective by nature. This makes them ideal for creating the illusion that space extends further than it actually does making small rooms appear larger in size.

Use Textures Around The Home

This style of interior design is best when you add in some unique textures. These can be added throughout your home to create a more modern and artistic feel.

With this type of minimalist interior design, it can be quite plain colour wise. Using coloured textures such as rugs, cushions and throws are a great way to create contrast.

This can be done by using soft materials for your cushions or rugs which will help make them stand out in the room. You only need one brightly coloured feature within each area of your home to make it feel more modern.

Use Plants Around The Home

There is nothing better than having fresh greenery around you while you relax at home. Scandinavian interior design allows you to use plants all throughout your house without looking cluttered or messy.

The best places for these types of decorations are on windowsills where they get plenty of natural light during the day time but also have enough space near other furniture items so that there isn’t an awkward layout style.

This style of decorating is best when you use a variety of plants and flowers with different shapes and textures. This will help create interest but also ensure that everything looks aesthetically pleasing.

Use Natural Light Around The Home

Lighting has to be functional within any home, however it can also play an essential role in creating the right atmosphere as well as highlighting your decoration choices.

Scandinavian design allows you to do this easily by adding natural light into each room through windows or skylights. By making sure there are plenty of these around your house, you create a bright and airy feel which enhances the overall sense of minimalism throughout your entire living space.

Mirrors are also a great way of reflecting natural light around a room and making it look bigger in size.

Make It Personal

This style of decorating is best when it has a personal touch added to it. Using different types of wall art can help add your own personality into each area of your home while also making sure that everything feels connected in some way too.

You don’t need to add anything too extravagant such as huge paintings on display throughout every room, but by using more subtle pieces like photo frames alongside other decoration items you can establish yourself within this design theme without going overboard. The ultimate goal should be for any interior designs to make people feel at ease and relaxed after entering them – so there needs to be enough of a sense of familiarity to create this atmosphere.

Mix & Match Furniture

Furniture should be functional while also being aesthetically pleasing – therefore creating clean lines with them will help highlight other features within each room without making everything appear cluttered. This helps keep things organized while still ensuring you have a unique style to your decoration choices.

Using different types of furniture in each area is also a great way to add some colour into the overall design scheme, while keeping it minimal and modern at the same time. It’s important not to be too matchy-matchy with anything when decorating but ensuring that there are enough similarities between items will make everything feel connected in some way or another.

Scandinavian furniture is a mix of vintage & modern design, and is great when it comes to creating a unique look. Nordic House has a great range of items to choose from which will help you create the perfect design style for your home. After browsing through the brand, you’ll be able to find some inspiration when it comes to adding your own personality into this theme too.

It’s All About Simplicity

Scandinavian interior design is all about minimalism, which means that there are no distractions when it comes to decorating your home.

Ensuring everything in each room has its own space without cluttering the overall layout helps create a look of sophistication within Scandinavian designs. You can easily achieve this by using different furniture items and placing them in creative ways throughout every area.

This type of theme is also great for anyone who isn’t exactly sure what they want from their decoration choices yet – because the simplicity involved with these types of spaces allows you to experiment more until you finally nail down your perfect style. The key thing with creating any modern interior design, whether it’s done in Scandinavia or not, is making sure it matches your overall lifestyle.

With the right amount of effort, you can create an entire look that makes your home feel like a sanctuary rather than just another room in your house.

Make Use Of Subtle Hues

Scandinavian interior design is all about using natural light and more muted colour schemes throughout your home. By choosing different shades of white, grey & black you can help create a calming atmosphere while also making sure that everything appears more spacious than it actually is.

However, adding some pops of colour through items such as furniture or accessories will add personality into this style without going overboard. Just remember to keep things on the subtle side so they don’t overpower any other decoration choices which have been made in each room.

Have Plenty Of Storage Space

Storage space is very important when it comes to Scandinavian interior design – primarily because there are no distractions when it comes to the overall layout.

Ensuring that you have plenty of storage throughout your home will not only help keep everything in order, but also highlight how much furniture each room actually has. Cabinets and shelving units can be used in any part of a room while floor-to-ceiling cupboards work well alongside walls if possible.

The reason having so much storage within this type of theme works so well is because items stay hidden away from plain sight which helps keep things looking clutter free at all times.

Use Lighting That Gives A Sense Of Cosiness

One of the most important aspects when it comes to Scandinavian interior design is making sure you have plenty of lighting around your home.

Using the right kind of lights in each room will help create a more cosy atmosphere, while also helping highlight any decorating choices that may not be so obvious otherwise. If your theme features separate areas which are used for different things, then lighting can come in very handy here too. For example – using floor lamps alongside seating or placing pendant lights above dining tables helps make these areas feel more inviting and comfortable than they would if there was no light involved.

Create Neutral Décor That All Fits Together

When creating Scandinavian interior designs, there’s nothing more important than ensuring all decorating choices fit together perfectly.

Making sure everything complements each other will help create a uniformed style that flows perfectly throughout your home. By always choosing neutral colours, you can easily change the look of any room by switching up furniture items or adding new accessories into the mix.

Having this kind of flexibility with Scandinavian interior designs is what makes it so appealing to many people because there are no limits when it comes to changing things around whenever required.

Create A Cohesive Look That Doesn’t Compromise Personality

All too often, people think they have to choose between having an organised space which looks sophisticated and one where their personality shines through instead.

By using different kinds of decorations in moderation – whether they’re colourful or not – you can achieve both simultaneously without compromising either aspect at all.

Think About Getting Some Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a great way to not only keep things organised within your home, but they’re also perfect for hiding away smaller items that can otherwise clutter up space.

By choosing woven wicker or rattan storage solutions which have ample room inside of them – you’ll be able to create a more minimalistic feel while still keeping everything where it belongs at all times.

Hang Pictures In Unique Ways

Creating Scandinavian interior designs is about using certain kinds of decorating choices in order to achieve the overall look & feel being aimed for.

For example: rather than simply hanging ordinary pictures on walls throughout each room, why not get creative with how these images appear instead? Hang photos in unusual ways – such as in circles, squares and diagonals.

A gallery wall is another great way to break up the monotony of various plain walls and it’s often something that can be done without much effort.

Choose Curtains That Add A Unique Touch To Any Room

Adding a touch of colour with curtains is one way to ensure your Scandinavian interior designs really stand out from the crowd.

Blinds tend to work well in scandi styled homes too because they can be integrated into any theme without having to make major changes.

If you go down the route of adding curtains, don’t choose anything too heavy as this will only make the room feel smaller. Instead opt for lightweight materials.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to Scandinavian interior design, there’s not much more satisfying than knowing simplicity is the key ingredient that helps create a big impact for minimal effort at all times.

By avoiding clutter and excess items in these particular spaces – you’ll get your desired results quickly while also keeping everything looking clean and organised everywhere else throughout your home.

Upcycle Your Existing Furniture

By giving new life to old items of your own – you can get a unique look without having to spend big amounts of money on brand new pieces every time. By reupholstering or painting certain chairs and stools – finding ways in which existing furniture can be transformed will help give character & personality back where there was once nothing at all.

Patterned Rugs Are A Great Way To Add Colour

Using colourful rugs underneath furniture is a great way to add personality and style back into your Scandinavian interior because they’ll help create an interesting focal point in any room.  Patterned patchwork rugs are often the best option as this ensures there’s no chance of clashing with other items around them.

Add Fresh Flowers In The Mix

A great way to bring life back into any room is by adding flowers.  By choosing potted plants which have their own unique look and feel – you’ll be able to achieve a fresh and natural vibe anywhere you place them without needing to spend too much money.

One of the most appealing aspects about Scandinavian interior designs is how it’s all about bringing nature indoors. And there’s no better way than having a fresh vase of flowers around to help compliment the look.

Introduce A Piece Of Scandinavia In Your Home

Hopefully this post has helped show how Scandinavian interior designs can be used in any room within your home – regardless of the style you’re already going for.

By choosing to introduce one or more pieces which are inspired by this particular Nordic nation, it’s guaranteed that everything else around them will start looking even better.  For example: getting a piece of art with some Norwegian landscapes on display is sure to bring life back into wherever it is positioned at all times.


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